Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weather Vane Watch 2-4-09

Here's my second Weather Vane Watch! I found this on my exciting weekend adventure a few days ago. I was looking around for more everyday adventures for this site, and this is one of the things I found.

I think this was the first thing I actually found that day, but I guess the order of things doesn't matter that much. I actually saw this weather vane from the freeway, and I made sure I came back to this place to take a few pictures. It was a trip of a few miles to get from where I first saw it, to get all the way back around to this place.

The day was only partly cloudy, but the clouds kept moving into my photos. I guess the clouds are camera hogs. So for anyone who ever said they'd do something when pigs fly, now is that time. I'm waiting to get a shot of one of these things on a clear day.

For anyone who is in the local area, this weather vane can be found near the corner of 9 Mile and Farmington. If you don't know how to get there, you're not very local, but I'd be happy to give you better directions if you leave a comment. I'll leave the exact location to you though. It will be fun to search a little bit for it.

If you don't live around here, which I know most of you don't, I'm sure there are weather vanes somewhere near you. These things are all over the world. They have an ancient origin, and they are very useful, so I'm sure with a little bit of searching you can find at least one.

Now look at that second photo. The top of that building looks kind of fancy, doesn't it? This place isn't what you might expect. This weather vane is on a strange place. I don't know that anyone would expect it to be on a place like this. The building is actually a mechanic shop that does oil changes.

How's that for strange? I took a lot of pictures here, but as I was taking my last few shots I noticed something extremely funny. One of the guys that was working in the shop came out, and was looking at me with a suspicious glare on his face.

I don't know what he thought I was doing, and I really didn't care. I said before that people in town were suspicious and mean. I would have taken his picture too, but I'll only do that to somebody if I get their permission first. I thought about it, but I really didn't feel like having to explain anything to him. Maybe next time.

I'm still looking for other weather vanes, and some lightning rods if i can find any. This search will continue as I travel from place to place. I've seen a few weather vanes on private homes, but I'm not going to take pictures of those. I feel as if I should ask permission for those too, so I'll just leave them out for now.

I'll be back tomorrow with more things that I found on my weekend expedition into the wilds of the suburbs of Detroit. The mean streets of Farmington. Any of you that know this place would understand how funny that is, maybe. That's enough of that, see you tomorrow.

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  1. I loved where you found this! I thought it was a church or library or something. Too funny! We need to take up a collection for you to get a better telephoto lens so you don't have to worry about getting beat up for just taking pictures, for heaven's sake! Thanks for sharing the story. I may get out there and take some photos of some I see and send you an e-mail with them to include on your've got me thinking!!! ha

  2. May be you have to learn from paparazzi for a good shot without awareness of others. I do not expect to see your blue eyes one day in your post.

  3. When pigs fly! That is extra funny because last year a friend gave me 3 C-mas ornaments that are like weathervanes. One is a pig! I'm not sure if it's all packed away. I'll see it it's still accessible for a pic for you.

  4. The Retired One - I was just looking into telephoto lenses yesterday. I didn't know before then that they made them for my camera. I didn't know before now what I could use one for. Any extra photos are very welcome. And I'm still looking for lightning rods.:)

    Rainfield - Yes, I'll have to learn to keep myself hidden a little bit to take some of these pictures. Before, I just stayed in my truck.:)

    Sharkbytes - A picture of a pig weather vane would be great!:)

  5. Well, it's just a mini-decorative one. I'll look...

  6. Weather vanes have always spooked me for some reason, maybe just because they are old, squeaky, and on some scary houses I have seen (like the haunted mansion at Disney Land).

    p.s. We need to get you one of those 90 degree lenses with a mirror so people will think you are actually taking a picture of something else.

  7. I'm going to start looking out for weather vanes too :-).

    People are often suspicious when I'm taking photos :-/ I take pics of graffiti and bookshops, but I have to wait until no-one's watching!

  8. Sharkbytes - Even the mini ones are good.

    Scott - I understand completely. Those steep roofs always make me think of haunted houses.

    I might try something to conceal myself. I'm not afraid of anyone, but it gets annoying watching them glare at me. I always have to remind myself that I started it.:)

    John - That would be great. I wonder if English weather vanes look any different. Just knowing that's where they're from would be cool.:)

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I think I might just wait until places like that are closed. It's a shame people don't just happily ask what I'm doing. I'd probably be suspicious too.