Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Nature Trails

Since I have been telling you that I went on an epic quest over the weekend to discover new everyday adventures, I thought I'd you give a little preview. I didn't mean to hold anything back before, but I really did find very many new things. Now I'm going to show you a little bit of my new treasure.

This is probably less than half of my new discoveries from those two days. I just can't fit it all in one post, and I want to reveal some of it in it's own post. I am very excited about the things I've found!

This first photo is from a place called Historic Greenmead. Some of you local people know what this place is, but I'm just now discovering it. I'll reveal the whole story of this place later. But for now I want to show you this lonely little sign I found on the side of the road in this place.

That's right, new nature trails! I didn't get a chance to go in to the trail yet, because I was looking at all of the other sites in this place. I can't wait to give you a full story on both aspects of this place. I'm telling you, this looks like a great place!

This next place doesn't even have a sign. I was driving around Hines Drive, the same road that Sumac Pointe is on. Hines Drive is actually one huge nature park. It stretches through several towns. This place in the photo is a few miles west of Sumac Pointe.

I'm not totally sure, but I believe this is what makes up the dam that created Newburgh Lake, the one at Sumac. The dam was man made, but this place looks completely natural. It is another nature trail, and it borders the west end of the lake.

It's actually not the most exciting looking trail I've been on, but the view on to the lake might be worth it. It pretty much goes in a straight line. I walked it for a little while just to see where it goes. It took me to the other side of the lake, and it kept right on going.

This is a view through the trees of Lake Newburgh. I took this from the dam trail. It's not easy to see from here, but it's a pretty big drop down to the lake from here. There are several places where it would be bad to step too close to the edge. There are no railings to protect anyone, but it can be a great view.

I had to give up and turn around eventually. The trail kept on going in a straight line, and it was beginning to get dark. I'm not sure if this place will give me very many good stories to tell, but I'm certainly going to find out.

The exciting thing is going to be walking the whole path to see where it comes out on the other side. Hopefully there is a pot of gold or something waiting on the other side for me. That would be like heaven for an Irishman such as myself!

This last photo was taken the very next day. This is a place called Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. The group of woods in the background stretches on for miles. I drive past these every day in several different places.

I always think that since these woods are there, why don't they make a nature trail through them? It always seemed like such a waste. After driving around to a few places that I never go, I found that I was wrong. There are nature trails in these woods!

I'm not sure I can adequately describe my feelings when I found this new park. I stood under that sign with the map on it, and I was grinning from ear to ear. I never expected to find this. It seems heaven can be in more places than one.

The whole time I stood looking at that sign, there was water dripping down from the roof right on my head. I didn't even notice until the water started to run down my face. I had forgotten the rest of the world even existed.

If the weather is even a little bit okay, and even if it's not, I plan on visiting this place this weekend. I'm going to try and see the whole thing. The trail map shows some great looking places. There's even a lake in there. I hope this place turns out to be great. Just wait until the leaves come back to the forest!

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  1. It is great to discover new nature trails. We are just like a small kid who is gifted with a candy, so satisfied and happy. Whenever we open our eyes, there are heavens.

  2. You will have such fun this spring, summer and fall catching animals and birds there. Congratulations for finding another hidden treasure. I know it is hard downstate to find them. We (sadly) take them for granted here in the U.P. because they are so numerous. You really gotta take a trip up north this summer and see the U.P. You will think you died and went to heaven!!

  3. I just LOVE finding new places to explore. They always feel like they are just mine!

    RO- you are in the UP? Hey to a yooper from another troll.

  4. Ah, that's the nice thing about living in a place with a real winter: Snow transforms everything. My personal favorite is seeing a golf course get turned into a cross country ski playground!

  5. Rainfield - When I found that last place, I felt like I just got a huge bag of candy.:)

    The Retired One - I live too close to the city to see very many animals, but I've even seen a coyote. It was in this same network of woods. I've always wanted to see the U.P., but it's very far away for me. Hopefully someday...

    Sharkbytes - I am definitely going to make some of these mine. I feel like the last one already is.:)

    Wandering Justin - Yeah, winter gives us a nice variety. We have different things all year. I like seeing those golf courses transformed too.:)

  6. i can feel the joy in this post from finding a new trail, and i am like that too, so i can relate so well to the joy you have. may you enjoy exploring it this weekend.

  7. Betchai - Since the first time I saw those woods, I wished there was a trail or something in there. My wish finally came true! I had been planning on going in there anyway, but now I know I won't be breaking any laws.

  8. Ratty: You gotta do it! It isn't THAT far,and the prices are down on gas. You won't regret it! You'd get enough pictures for a lifetime!

    Sharkbyte: YOU BETHCA...holy know about the troll thing. I LOVE IT!!!!

  9. The Retired One - Actually, I was thinking about making my next big vacation a trip through Michigan. Maybe I'll include the U.P.