Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5th Picture Meme

I was invited to a little game called 5th Picture Meme last Thursday by Karen & Gerard Zemek (Great blog, check 'em out). But due to my laziness, and having a case of the winter blahs, I have been putting this off for a few days. I waited because I wanted to do it justice. It's very similar to the Tag games that go around all the time, but this one seems much more interesting to me. Here's a link to the original post: 5th Picture Meme

This game gives a topic that makes things fun and easy for us to continue the game. It's not a scary challenge to reveal our deepest thoughts, fears, or secrets. It just asks each blogger that plays to show a picture and then describe it to everyone.

Well, that's exactly my kind of thing. I do that every day! So what more could I ask for than an excuse to do a special post about something that I like to do already? I could ask for a million dollars, and I think I will. If anyone has a spare million or more dollars, would you please give it to me? C'mon, I'll be your friend.

Oh yeah, in my greed I forgot the rules of the game, so here they are, quoted directly from Karen's site.

Open a document or file folder,
click on the fifth folder

and then the fifth photo.

Post the photo and describe it.

Then tag 5 other bloggers.

Well, since I'm a terrible cheater and a rebellious scoundrel, I'm not going to tag 5 other bloggers. I'm going to tag everybody. Every blogger that reads this. Every blogger that exists. And even others that aren't bloggers yet. Go and start your own blog, and continue this little game. Ha!

Okay, on to the description of the photo.

My photo here is the entranceway to my favorite hiking park, Woodland Hills Nature Park. This particular photo was taken not very long after I got my camera and started this blog. It was the first time I went to this place since I began taking pictures and writing about them.

I hadn't even gotten in there yet, so my adventures there were about to mean something completely different than they ever did before. This entranceway was a very familiar sight to me, but not to most of the rest of the world. That was about to change forever.

I remember taking that picture. I wanted to get the most important features of the park. The entry point is obviously one of those things. After that, I remember walking about twenty feet into the trail, and after taking about five pictures my camera batteries died.

As I stood there disappointed, I remembered that I had forgotten my spare batteries. So feeling incredibly stupid, I had to turn right back around and go home. When I retrieved more batteries at home, I came back to the park immediately and began my new journey.

And there you have it. That's my description of this one lonely little photo of today. It was fun looking back to that day. I had forgotten all about that incident until now. But now you all know of it too.

Now, for anyone still reading after that long bit of great art (windbaggery) I call a post, I invite you all to try this same thing. It's pretty easy to do, and for some of you it's what you've been doing all along. You don't even have to specifically name anybody else to continue it. I didn't.

So go ahead and try it, or don't, it might be fun. If you decide to give it a try, leave me a comment right here so I can help you promote it. Even if you don't decide to do it, leave a comment so I'll stop crying because there are no comments. That's it.

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  1. I did share the same battery problem, my batteries surrendered immediately after a few shots leaving me hopeless before I managed to have a re-charge. Now, I always carry a spare with me.

  2. Seems that I am tagged as I read your post. Still owe you the Honest Scrap award tag. Will do this first in a few days before the Honest Scrap...

  3. My secret is to have 3 battery back ups in my bag. Always handy when you need it.


  4. Glad you liked this and played along, for the most part. I don't blame you for not tagging people--it takes so much time! At first glance that picture looked like where we go all the time in the summer, but then I looked a bit closer and saw it isn't. Also, I appreciate the nice comment about my blog!

  5. I did Karen's MeMe too and my picture was also from the summer. It's so good to see your photo and think ahead to warmer days filled with beautiful green leaves.
    I enjoyed your memories of this photo as well. It's amazing the power pictures have in our lives to help us remember our days.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Ratty- You crying for lack of comments? Ha- you get lots! And what I great luck of the draw to have 5/5 be a good and inviting picture! You know I'm always up for an invite to a good trail.

    BTW- yesterday some of the blogger comment boxes weren't working. They wouldn't load the verification word. Yours was one of the ones I tried to make a comment and couldn't.

  7. Rainfield - I think that battery incident was my first camera lesson. I always carry at least one set of spares now too.

    Kruel - This one was a nice easy one for me. I'll be looking forward to yours. Both will be great, just like all your other posts.

    Roentarre - That's about the same amount I keep now, along with two extra memory cards. Even with that I've still had battery problems at times though. I had a charger that didn't work very well for a while.

    Karen - I decided a long time ago to just make things like this an open invitation. Then most people are happy with it. For some people it can be hard to come up with invitees of their own, so it makes them uncomfortable. And I don't want to leave certain others out, that might have wanted to be included. So I do them all this way now.

    You have a great blog, so I meant every nice word and more.:)

    Mountain Woman - After seeing all of the snow you have, I feel almost bad for wanting warmer weather here. It's easy for me to remember things from looking at the pictures, because this is usually how I write all of my posts.:)

    Sharkbytes - I think I mentioned in the post that I am terribly greedy, so more comments is only a small thing for me to ask. As a matter of fact I think I did ask for something else. See, greedy.:)

    I was having the same problem with the comments on here, and at other sites. It was that particular Blogger style that I and many others were using. That's why I changed back to this older style. I'm going to keep it like this until Blogger can show that it's finally fixed.

  8. I will cheat and tell you to just go to my blog because I am posting several photos of our present trip down from Michigan to Florida and back up to Michigan.
    Am trying to read your blog "on the road" and post some of my own!

  9. The Retired One - I've already seen you pictures, and they're wonderful. You're doing better than I would. If I go on vacation, I'll have to abandon the internet for that whole time.