Monday, January 12, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Scott McQueen at Just A Thought... invited me to a game of Tag. Last time I was invited to play tag I was not quite up to it yet. This time I'm ready to go. Here's a link to his post: Tagged Again!!! Please visit his site. He has a good site, and we visit back and forth very often. You might like it. If my explanation of the game isn't clear, you can visit his site for another one.

Here are the rules
  1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Write six random and/or revealing things about yourself.
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
  5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
  6. Let the tagger know when your post entry is up on your site.

6 Random Things about me
  1. I'm a very private person. I have trouble revealing anything about myself to anyone. That's why not very many people here know much about me. It's been a struggle for me to open up a bit, and games like this help me. I've been getting better about that, and there's even a few of you out there that know my real name now. I'll reveal things about me every once in a while.
  2. Part of the reason I started this blog was to motivate my nature and hiking activities. I started seriously doing each of them at the same time. It's been working very well. They both keep each other going.
  3. Scott mentioned eating dog food in his post. I did something else. I think it's kind of funny to feed dog food to the kids in the family. It might be kind of evil, but it doesn't hurt them. Most kids in my family have eaten dog food now. Some of them even like it, even a few that are now grown still do. You should see the looks of outrage on their parents faces when they see the kid eating dog treats.
  4. I like music very much. I think I included this on the last one, but I'll do it again. Queen is my favorite music group. I've even made a few posts here about them to help promote their new album, in my own way. I like other music, but Queen is special to me.
  5. When I was a kid my dad used to get farm animals for us. He grew up on a farm. That may not sound strange, but it is if you know that we lived right in the middle of the city of Detroit. It's not a very good place to keep farm animals, but we did it on several occasions.
  6. Finally, this one is the big one. Some of you have already figured this out, but some don't know at all. I never told anyone, because no one ever asked. Some here have wondered if Ratty is male or female. I'm a man.

Here's My 6 Tag Links
  1. WiseAcre Gardens
  3. MyJourney
  4. Legal Cat-asthrophe
  5. My Quality Day
I have special reasons for tagging each of these people. We all visit each other's sites from time to time. There are more of you that I really wanted to include, but the rules say only six. I really agonized over leaving a few of you in particular out, but I might put you in next time.

Please, anyone reading this, visit these sites. They're all excellent blogs. You won't be sorry. They're all unique, and they're all very good. Along with a few others, I visit these sites very often, every day if I can.

Any of you that I have tagged only have to play if you want to. Last time I was tagged I wasn't really confident about blogging to do it properly. I understand there are also other reasons why you can't or don't want to play, so there is no obligation. But if you do want to play, it's seems like a fun game.

There you go. That's my Tag Post. This is my post for today. I'll have more nature stuff tomorrow.


  1. I visited your site while dropping e-card but didn't read the whole of the post until you commented on my post today. I'm a tag virgin and actually not sure whether I wanna play or not but I think I will. Give me a few days and it will be reciprocate...
    About No. 6, I was wondering that too...

  2. Thanks Ratty! You have done a great job! I bet you will think i'm psychotic, but #3 made me very happy! Still having trouble controlling my laughter. Queen? Man I used to liten to it over and over again! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Take Care Ratty, someday I plan to pack up and travel our country and visit all the people who have made my life a better experience, hope you have room for me!


  3. Oh my. (still hung up about the dog food thing.) lol. Seriously?

  4. thanks for sharing Ratty, you're correct :) I have been figuring out if Ratty is male or female, hahahaha! It is nice to know some things about you. We have the same reason for starting to blog ( #2), to hopefully bring a lot more others to nature wanderings. I believe hiking and nature are very relaxing, healthy and cheap activities.

  5. Kruel74 - I'm glad you're thinking about it. The first time I played was kind of rough, but I decided to play because WiseAcre invited me as a favor. I did the best I could because I didn't want disappoint him. I decided to reveal No.6 because I knew that no one really knew. I think I began to try to be deceptive about it, because I thought it was funny.

    Scott - Than you, Scott. I still think the dog food thing is funny. Queen is still around and making music. They even have a brand new album. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with them?

    Choopixie - You should try doing it sometime. Try conning a kid into eating some. Then you can watch the reaction of their parents. It's priceless! Or, if you want, I have some tasty dog biscuits for you. They're not bad. My cousin says they taste like pretzels.;) Go ahead, just a little taste.
    Betchai - Now that my little game of teasing people with who I am is over, I'll have to figure out something else. You were one of the main people that I wanted to include in the game, but couldn't because there were only six spots. I wanted to give links to them, like I did you a few days ago. The only person I've been able to convince about nature so far has been my little friend, Alice. I'm still trying with anyone else who will listen.

  6. Sir, you're quite a story-teller. You gave me a good laugh at #3!

  7. ManÜ - You should try the dog food thing some time. It's funny and harmless.:)

  8. Thanks for the Tag Ratty..I am not sure if i play the game the way it is or not....

    It says 6 random things so i just jot down 6 random things about me that come into my mind. But i like the way you share about yourself here.

    #6 From the first i saw your id in BlogCatalog and follow through your blog, i have a feeling that you are a man..hehehe...:D

  9. Rose - You did a great job with the game! I forgot to tell you that before. Your 6 random things were good.

    You were one of the people that I knew figured out about me. I never mentioned it to anyone, because I didn't really think it was that important at the time. Then I thought it was kind of funny when other people didn't know.

  10. hahaha!! what brand of dog food do you recommend? or should i ask scott?

    peace scott. :-)

  11. ManÜ - I highly recommend Kibbles & Bits. My old dog picked it out. She wouldn't accept anything else. She was more of a picky eater than any human I ever met. There is soft and crunchy in that brand. A good dog food for anybody. Scott should give it a try.

  12. Ratty, LOL thanks for the offer of dog biscuits but i think i'll stick to human food. LOL

  13. Choopixie - If you never try them, you'll always wonder how they taste.:)