Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow On The Bridge

I wrote a post a short time back called "The Quiet Bridge". It was about a hidden bridge on a very quiet, and less traveled path that I discovered. In that post I looked back at the way the scenery of the bridge looked with each new season. There was a small problem with it though.

Someone in the comments section pointed out to me that my latest photo, of the bridge in the winter, had the view from the bridge going in the opposite direction from the others. I actually already knew that. I'm very observant every once in awhile.

I was glad somebody pointed it out. It gave me the idea to go back and correct my mistake. Well, it wasn't actually a mistake. I just didn't have another photo from the same direction as the others. I can't tell you how much I searched for the thing. I just didn't have one, and it was killing me.

I really don't know how that could have happened. Whenever I cross that bridge I always take a ton of pictures. I can't resist, it's such a nice looking bridge, and I'm usually all alone there. I feel like that whole trail is my own private property.

Anyway, I went and I purposely took another photo from the same angle and direction as the others. I stopped and made sure that all of the conditions were right, and I took the perfect shot. The photo at the top is my finished masterpiece!

What? Is masterpiece too strong of a word? It's my picture, and I can call it anything I want! Seriously, if you want to see the comparison again, I left a link to the older post at the bottom in my Related Posts section of this post.

Something else I wanted to show was that winter wasn't always gloomy around here. It's just that I tend to go out at later hours, so it's usually getting dark outside before I'm done. Ahh, the burden of a working man...

These two photos in the middle here show the last bits of a glorious sunny winter day. It really did start out nice outside. The sunshine and the fresh winter air made me happy to be alive. Now, there is another benefit of the winter.

In the winter the air is colder, but that cold makes it seem so fresh and clean. Those of you who have never experienced this are missing something special. This is what we here in Michigan long for in the hot summer months.

We remember that wonderful fresh winter air when we are breathing in that stifling hot steamy air of summer. It's at those times that we wish for the days of winter, so we can take a long deep breath, and feel refreshed. It's like the refreshment of an ice cold drink, but much better. That's what winter is!

I can stand on this bridge and take those deep breaths in silence and in peace, knowing that I won't be disturbed. If somebody walks by, and thinks I'm hyperventilating, I just act like a crazy person that lives under the bridge, and I chase them away. Just kidding... Maybe.

It was not really as dark as it looks when I took this last picture. I just happened to be looking into the sun. The camera was trying to compensate, so it turned out like this. That's okay because by the time I left the park it actually was beginning to look this dark.

Beyond this bridge is a small path leading to a hidden river where I like to go. I guess it's not so hidden anymore, because I've shown it here several times now. I like this bridge because it seems to separate this small path from the rest of the park. It takes me to a lost world where I can imagine all sorts of wonderful things.

Those trips are always way too short for me. When I get back to civilization, I'm always refreshed and ready to face the world, but my mind is still on my private little bridge, and my hidden path.

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  1. I love walking in the snow and feeling the crunchiness under my feet. These pictures look good (and cold).

  2. Isn't it interesting how we take possession of places that we especially like? I do that too, even though they are very public spaces. I hope to visit one today.

  3. Loved the photos, but, at the same time, I'm glad that I'm not knee-deep in snow.


  4. Cate - And the sound the snow makes when it crunches under your feet is wonderful on a quiet morning.

    Sharkbytes - There are so many places that belong to me now that I have lost count.:)

    Cube - Being knee-deep in snow is actually quite fun if you can get out of the cold as soon as you're ready.

  5. I do not know did you long for winter when you were in hot summer time, and it was the other way when you were in gloomy winter time.
    I know I shall be if put me there.

  6. Rainfield - In the summer it's the same as if we want a cold drink on a hot day. Here we want colder weather when the day is hot. The summer is still more fun to be outside for most of us though.