Saturday, January 31, 2009

Entrecard Top Dropper Day

The first thing I'd like to mention here is that there are two posts today. My usual nature related post is right below this one.

It's Entrecard's first official Top Dropper Day. Entrecard users, such as myself, were asked to participate by making a post to honor the top droppers on our sites. I volunteered to do it, because I like the way Entrecard helps bring new visitors to blogs, and possible new friends. It's a good system that works well. If you have a blog and you're not part of it yet, you can go here for more information: Entrecard

So, in accordance with Top Dropper Day, I'd like to thank these ten blogs for dropping the most cards on my site. For those of you that don't understand, they visit my site practically every day, and click on that Entrecard thing over on the right.

Another request from Entrecard is to compliment each of these blogs individually. Since I'm a daring rulebreaker, as many of you know, I'm going to be different. Individual compliments in this context are empty compliments. My compliment to them is to ask each and every one of you to visit their sites. They all have great blogs that many of you already recognize and visit now. Give them all a chance, you'll be glad you did.

My Top Entrecard Droppers
You can see a list of these same blogs on the right side of this website, just under the Entrecard widget. It changes according to who visits here and drops their card the most. I always keep them there to show my appreciation. Some of them are my well known blogging friends. Others are possible future friends.

That's it. That's Top Dropper Day for January.


  1. I used to drop 500 a day. After checking my stats I found a lot of hits but one minute readers and dumped it. Its just a hit program not a reader program!

  2. Hi Euro Yank- Well, a lot of the dropping is just that. I tend to do that myself. And yet... I've been here less than a month (I suspect that's why I'm not on Ratty's list!), and I've found that as I click through some of the same pages day after day that I find myself glancing at most, being captured by some, even reading some posts, and commenting on ones that interest me. So, I am very happy that I've joined Ecard. I'm finally getting comments on my pages because some people have found me through Ecard.

    And Ratty- there are a couple on your list that I'm not sure I've ever visited. I'll check them out.

  3. I also joined EC hoping to reach out to more readers and I am glad for the quality of blogging friends I had developed through EC, though a lot of times, I find the dropping time consuming, thus, I limit my drops actually since I do not have a lot of time. But I always see to it I visit my favorite sites and leave a comment when I can (sometimes, I tell myself to be back to leave a comment and then I forget, hehe ) . I've never done posting the top EC droppers though yet, maybe I follow you, like put them in my side widget.

  4. Hi RATTY!
    I'll admit, I do not drop much, it is very time consuming. But I do drop on the sites/Blogs I enjoy when I remmember to do so. My memory is fading, but I may have found this site from EC! Anyway, I will check out your top droppers now, never know; I might find a new "jewel".

    Speaking of droppers, I don't want to be disgusting, but the Black Knot Fungus kinda looks like something a wierd animal dropped after a meal that didn't sit well (sorry). Keep up the great adventures! I love getting lost in them!


  5. EuroYank - Sharkbytes pretty much summed it up. It is a hit program, but it also builds visitors and friends. If you have something interesting on your blog near your Entrecard, it can be a very valuable tool.

    Sharkbytes - Thanks for helping EuroYank. Maybe he'll reconsider Entrecard.

    Yeah, that top ten list is automatically generated by Entrecard, and the ones at the top have dropped pretty much every day for the whole month. Hopefully you'll be right at the top next month.:)

    Betchai - I find it time consuming too. I usually open several browser tabs at once, and then lock and save the ones that look interesting. Then when I'm finished dropping, I can go back and really have a good look, and maybe a comment. I hope the top dropper widget is a nice incentive and reward for Entrecarders. It seems to work.

    Scott - I didn't used to drop that much either, but I found that it helps me. The way you do it is fine. I'm not sure I had Entrecard yet back when we first talked. You're one of my oldest blogging friends now.:) Yeah, check'em out. There are some great blogs in that list.

    I thought the same thing about the fungus. Don't be sorry, that's part of nature too.:) I figured it was too big to stick to the branches if that were the case though.