Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mist

Yesterday I talked about the unpredictable weather here in Michigan. At the time, I was planning on the next post being more things from my day with Alice. I had no idea what would happen today. Our weather just changed again!

As soon as I stepped outside at the end of my work day, I was astounded. I knew the temperature was going to rise, which it did, but I didn't expect these results. As I was driving home, I was looking around at every open space and field. This was simply amazing.

As the temperature rose, and the snow melted, a mist rose up from the ground. You usually only see this effect high up in the mountains. It gets foggy around here every once in a while, but I never expected this. In some places, I could only see for very short distances. I knew right then that I would have to get pictures of this. This was great!

I had a few stops I had to make along the way, so I wasn't sure how long it was going to take me to get home. I had to get to my camera! It was sitting on my desk, and I wouldn't be there for another hour! I hoped it wouldn't be dark, when I got to it. I was also desperately hoping this mist wouldn't go away by then.

After an hour that seemed to last forever, I made it home and got out to get my photos of the mist. It was still daylight, so I ran out as quickly as I could. Oh no! the mist was dissipating very quickly. It was there just a minute ago! I watched as it began to vanish right before my eyes.

I started taking pictures as fast as I could. I was hoping that even a few showed this incredible mist. I knew I got a few decent photos, but they would have been even better if I would've gotten here an hour ago. I got as many as I could before it couldn't be seen in the pictures. I think I did okay.

I went back inside, and felt happy with the photos that I got, but I wasn't quite satisfied. After a little while I just happened to look out the window. The mist was back! Of course, I ran back out with my camera in my hand. This time it was nice and thick, but not nearly as much as earlier today. But something else began happening.

As soon as I started taking pictures, the darkness rolled in. It was strange because it happened so fast. When I started, it was almost as light as the time before, but in a matter of a few seconds, it became like night. I couldn't believe my bad luck. I thought, maybe the darkness might be a good thing. Maybe the pictures might be enhanced as a result.

Again, I took as many pictures as I could, before the conditions were not right anymore. I think I did pretty well. I could still see everything pretty well. What I saw in the view screen of camera looked pretty good. I was happy with these further results, and I thought maybe the combination of lighter and darker pictures might be good. There was another effect that I didn't expect.

When you look at these first two photos, they look pretty gray. But the second two photos have a very noticeable blue look to them. I did nothing to these photos except take them under different lighting conditions. Just that little change in the light created this weird effect. That alone makes me glad I went back out. That was a fun adventure, if there ever was one.

Yesterday I told you that our weather was unpredictable. I think this is a good example. One day it's cold and snowy. The next day it warms up, the snow turns into rain, and a mist rises up from the ground. Anything can happen tomorrow! I'll see you then.

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  1. I love the last picture with chairs and table appear so lonely in the winter.

  2. You did a great job Ratty. For me, all the photos that you take is pretty good with all the story behind so, it is perfect.

  3. That's the one I like too, Rainfield61.

    Thanks, Rose. I'm not sure my photos and stories are very good. But if you think so, maybe they are.

  4. I second Rose, you always do a great job with the photos / story.

  5. Thanks, John. I think all these great compliments will have me floating in the air.

  6. Hehe..Thanks John. Now Ratty have to bring us more great adventures story with his little friend Alice. Send my regards to Alice.

  7. I showed your comment to Alice, Rose. She says hi to you, and hi to everyone else too. She also likes when I write about her. She was only here for a short time today, but next time she is here long enough to go hiking, I'll be sure to include her in the story.