Thursday, December 4, 2008

Icy Windows?

I have what I hope are some interesting photos for you. I saw several thin spots in the ice when I was looking at the pond at Heritage Park. I thought they looked pretty cool. Some of them are noticeable in my "Goose Tracks" post. I wanted to make this post about them, because I didn't want these pictures to get lost in time, like so many other things I've seen have.

These pictures are all of the same spot, because it was the most interesting one. When I saw it, I wondered how it got to be that shape. I really never thought of a thin spot in ice would be that specific shape. I guess anything can happen with nature.

I used to have some peel off stickers that looked like this. They were intended for playing practical jokes on people. They were these clear stickers that had a drawing of a crack, and you would put them on a window. From far away they looked a little bit like the window was broken.

When I saw this crack in the ice, I thought back to those stickers. I was thinking about cracks in windows. It would be funny if you could peel this off, and stick it on somebody's window. That would be a nice trick now wouldn't it.

Hmmm, Windows. Windows. I kept thinking about that. There are the windows of a house. There are car windows. And there's another kind. Microsoft Windows. You could put it on someone's MS Windows, and have a good laugh (I know, I know, maybe I'm trying too hard).

"But that's not very funny!", you say. Well, neither were the old stickers. But maybe these pictures might make good wallpaper. I've tried it, and I kind of like them. Who knows? Maybe someone might agree with me.

I just wonder how this shape could have been made in the ice. Maybe it was an air bubble. Maybe when it came up, it pushed on the thin ice and made this round crack in the ice. It's really the only thing I can guess. What else would do it?

It would have been a better joke if the geese were walking across the ice, when this big air bubble came up and made this happen. Maybe that's why I had trouble finding them at first. I could just imagine their reaction. It would have been priceless. One big simultaneous quack from about seven of them.

Honestly, I thought these cracks were kind of interesting. So, what do you think? Was this post cool like the ice, or just a big hot air bubble? Okay, enough of this terrible joke. I'll be back tomorrow, with something maybe a little more entertaining than this, and packed with animal goodness.

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  1. I would have said it was a black hole sucking in geese. But really I don't have a clue how that formed.

  2. That would explain why the thousands of geese around here have all disappeared. Maybe that small group I saw later escaped.

  3. Hi Ratty,
    Love the picture. My thought was a Zodiac sign, mysterious to the point of allowing the imagination to shiver for a moment.


  4. I never would have thought of that one, A.J. But now that you say it, I know what you mean. It does resemble a zodiac sign.