Saturday, November 29, 2008

Danger - Thin Ice

Last time I took pictures of this pond, it was full of geese. I got some pretty good shots, and some of them are here on this site. I showed you what it looked like to see geese landing in the pond. I really like stuff like that. I have a link to it at the bottom of this post, if you want to see it.

I wasn't necessarily going to take more pictures of the pond, but when I drove by it I saw something very interesting. It was something I have been waiting for ever since it started to get cold around here. The pond was frozen over. But wait, there's more...

Really, that's not all. It's not the best part. As I said, the pond was frozen over, but it was only frozen part of the way. I caught it in a really good transition period. I really didn't think it would freeze in the particular way that it did. It was really cool. Get it, cool. Heh heh.

Only half of the pond looked to be frozen. I figured it would freeze just a little more evenly. On the shore near the part that was frozen, there is a sign that is one of the most appropriate signs I've ever seen. Take a close look at it. I accidentally had perfect timing with this one.

The half of the pond that was still liquid on top looked kind of thick to me. Maybe there was ice in there too, but it wasn't quite frozen enough yet. I think you can see it a little bit in the picture below. On the surface of the wet area there are smaller patches where the water is frozen enough to have snow on it.

I like that there are patches in the frozen part where it's still a little more liquid. I wouldn't want to try skating on this thin ice. I just think that it's really interesting to see this pond in the middle of freezing. I'll make sure I get some photos of it when it's fully frozen later in the winter.

I forgot to mention that this pond is located in the front of Heritage Park. I'm interested to see what happens to the big pond in Woodland Hills Park. Will it freeze in this same way, or in a more expected manner. I'll have to go and look when it gets a little bit colder. Until then, I think I'm done with this pond story.

And if you're wondering how I escaped from the innards of that dog, don't ask me how. I mean it. Please, don't ask me. It's much too embarrassing. The only thing I'm willing to say is, yes, I did escape, and I'm fine now. Well sorta. It wasn't easy crawling through there, and I'm greatly traumatized from the whole experience. I should stop before I say too much.

See you tomorrow, with no more impolite mention of dogs. Uhhh.

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  1. We haven't had much snow here yet, so it's great to see your pictures. When the snow really starts to fall, I'll probably go camping somewhere so I can get some good pictures :-)

  2. This is an unusually early winter for us, John. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. This is my first winter hiking, so camping in the winter will have to wait until maybe next year. I'm glad you're there to show me what it's like. :)

  3. You little piece of ....

    Yea, the way ponds freeze over is pretty cool. I haven't been able to get a shot like yours yet since it's been just a bit too warm for ice to form around me. I'll have to drive up to the higher elevations to get a shot.

  4. After the thing with that dog, I resemble that remark! :)

    It was warmer here today too, but the pond was frozen even more. The geese must have walked on the thin ice, because they left deep tracks.

  5. The keyword is "timing". When the timing is right, you'll get what you want. Otherwise, at the place, with the same people, things may turn differently.
    I like to see snow, but I do not like frozen temperature.

  6. I completely agree, Rainfield61.
    It would be nice if it could snow sometimes and be warm. One good thing about the cold air though is the fresh smell it brings.