Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't Mess With Tearra

This is Tearra. Tearra likes to play on the railroad tracks. Don't ask me why. She just does. There she is having a good time standing there on the tracks. I think she's waiting for a train. Maybe she's wanting to take a trip, like a hobo. I wonder if it's that she likes to jump in front of trains and scare the engineer. Not really. She just wanted her picture taken. She wanted to be a star.

Yesterday I said that I might start taking pictures of people, along with my nature photos. Tearra said she wanted to be the very first one. I kept asking her if she was really sure, but she insisted that she have her picture here. How could I say no? So I made sure that she got what she wanted. She wants to be a C-lebrity.

Tearra took me to some good places where we could get some more nature photos. There were some excellent places that I've never been to before. We got some excellent photos, that I'll feature here in the near future. I took several pictures of Tearra along with the nature. She was very helpful, and of course one of my very favorite people.

All in all, I'd say we had a pretty good time. It was so fun that we forgot the time. When we started it was about midafternoon, and it was already getting dark when we were finished. It's a shame it was getting dark, because she told me about a few fantastic and amazing animals that she knew about. Oh well, maybe next time.

Speaking of next time, I suggested to her that next time we could go back to those railroad tracks, and I could tie her up and leave her laying across them. I thought it was a pretty funny joke. But right then nice, sweet Tearra turned into mean, angry, evil Tearra.

She apparently didn't like what I said one little bit, because she brought out her vicious dog, Rock. By then I was wondering what I should do. Before I could come up with a solution, she pointed right at me, and said to Rock, "Sic 'em!"

Of course I was now paralyzed with fear. Rock was a killer! I had no where to run, and no where to hide. I had no idea my little joke would have such an impact. I mean, I wouldn't have said it if I would have known. What I said wasn't that bad! Please, no!

Why did I ever get the stupid idea to take pictures of people? I was happy walking alone on the nature trails, and taking nice peaceful pictures of trees and tiny waterfalls. Now this poor innocent little rat was going to get eaten by a vicious killer named Rock.

Then she let go of that monster dog, and walked away. She left me alone with him! I looked at him, and he looked at me. Did you ever wonder what it would be like knowing your own death was imminent? This might be it.

As we stared at each other, his eyes began to glow an eerie green. That's the last thing I ever saw. He ate me. This little rat was sliding down the throat of this big dog. It's funny, it didn't even hurt. He must have gotten me in one gulp. I guess I'll get to know what the inside of a stomach looks like. Then everything went dark. I was gone. It was over.

In the end, I guess this was an important lesson for every rat out there.


(Of course, this was a fictional story. No rats were harmed in the process of telling it. But as you can see by the pictures, it wasn't all fiction. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!)

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  1. Hi Tearra- Enjoying your blog. Can't find any way to contact you by email... I will add yours to my blogroll for Get Off The Couch News You might enjoy it, and some entries on

  2. Hi Sharkbytes, Tearra's not here man! :)
    Sorry, I don't have an email address for her either. I'm Ratty, the one who runs the blog. Sorry if you were only looking for her. She's actually just the subject of the post for today. She wanted her picture on here, so I agreed.

    Thanks for the link, but if it was only for Tearra I won't be offended if you want to take it down. If it was for me, again thanks. :)

    I've actually seen your site before. It's a good one. I looked at it again, and I like it even more. I'll make sure I show it to Tearra if I get to see her again. It's kind of difficult, she's pretty busy.

    I'm not really even the first one, or the last to feature Tearra. I was actually lucky to get her to do it for free. She's somewhat of a celebrity in Michigan. Have you heard of her before? She's been featured in things from newspapers to TV across the state. I'll probably have at least one more article that features her in the near future. Watch for it. :)

  3. It is nice to know a celebrity like Tearra.
    Mother Goose