Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Tree

Today I have a post for you with a few less words than usual. There's plenty to talk about, but I wanted to show you something that I found interesting. There aren't really many words to describe it. So here goes.

I found this tree while I was out wandering around not too long ago. It was later in the evening, and night was quickly approaching. I looked at the tree and the horizon stretched out behind it, and just found it incredibly beautiful.

I'm not really sure what it was about the tree that I liked, but it just seemed to jump out at me. It gave me images in my mind of artistic photos that I've seen in the past. This is no great art or anything. It's just an attractive scene that I happened to come across.

Maybe it was the odd symmetry of the tree that I like so much. It just seemed so unusual out there in that field all alone. There are no leaves left on it at all anymore, but I think that adds to the quiet beauty of the tree and the scene.

It seemed almost as if the tree was trimmed to look as it did, but it's obvious that it wasn't. You can see from this zoomed out photo that it's out there all by itself. I think the coming darkness also added to the whole effect it had on me. It made the tree look almost like a shadow of itself.

I still don't know what it was about the whole thing, but it made me want to go home and take a nap. I lost all words and just stood there and stared at it. I never once thought about approaching it. It seemed wrong to do that for some reason. I was completely content to stay where I was and look at this great tree.

I'll be back tomorrow with something new and exciting for all to see.

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  1. Sometime it is only the feeling matter;

    Just like I have seen so much of your photo, and I keep on telling myself, tree without leaves.

    I have trees around me with so many leaves until sky is not visible.

    Ya, feeling matters.

  2. Very good image with such a beautiful mood in deed

  3. Now that is the perfect tree. It's a beautiful sight.

  4. Rainfield61 - For some reason the lack of leaves is what gave thetree it's character.

    Roentarre - Thank you for the kind words.

    Jodapoet - Yes, it is beautiful. I wonder what t looks like with the leaves on.

  5. Its like its standing there waiting for something...

  6. A majestic tree and some gorgeous photos, Ratty! I agree, the perfect symmetry of the tree's branches, and the intimation of sunset through that massive but delicate fretwork, and the tree's isolation all come together to create magic. Now that you've found it, I hope you'll show it to us again as the seasons pass: with the first faint green-gold haze of emerging leaves; with mature foliage; and then as the leaves begin to take on the colors of fall, finally deepening to their brightest hues and then browning. (Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?) Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Kruel74 - Yeah, maybe it was waiting for me.:)
    Our Friend Ben - I hope I'll be seeing the tree again when the leaves are back on it. It's not as close by as some of the things I usually see. I kind of wonder if it will be as fascinating to me when the leaves change the look of the tree.