Monday, December 15, 2008

The Flow Of The River

Today I decided to show you some close up photos of a place in the river at Heritage Park. This is an area where I had to go pretty far off of the hiking trails to get to. I thought it was an interesting section of the river.

It looks like maybe some natural debris and a few fallen trees created this little natural dam in the river. I'm not sure what it would be called other than that, I just thought it was kind of cool. It's little things like this that are unique parts of nature.

You'll never really see this in the exact same way anywhere else, and that's what makes it important to me. It's the thrill of seeing something that almost nobody else has been this close to. This is the thrill of discovery that most people don't think they have time for.

After I see something like this, it gives me a feeling of peace and relaxation. This quiet sense of discovery helps me forget the burdens of the world for just a little while. Most people don't really understand this kind of thing, but I'm sure all of you reading this know what I'm talking about.

It's good to remember the concerns of our everyday lives, but sometimes we just need to get away so we can take a short break. I can go to places like this and take a deep breath, so that I'm ready to go back out and face the world with a renewed energy. It gives me something extra so that it's just a little easier to deal with things.

Just standing there and watching the rushing water in this quiet place, gives me time to sort out my thoughts. Then I can think through any problems I might have, and conquer them when the time comes. I wish everyone could do something like this.

I really look forward to the times I can go out and see things like this small river. I like seeing the animals when I go out here, because it's always an exciting event. But something like this river is the foundation for why I go hiking.

I've said before that the sound of running water is such a peaceful natural sound. Most of us know that water is at the heart of our existence. It is essential for our lives. Maybe this sound of running water gives us a feeling of peace on an instinctive level. When we hear it, we know we are alive and safe.

I hope these photos of this small section of river can give at least some of you a little of the peaceful feeling that it gave me when I was standing there watching it flow by. My own thoughts are becoming calmer just remembering and thinking about it. I'll leave you today with the wish of peace and well being for you all.

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  1. I'd be tempted to talk off my socks and shoes and go for a paddle!

  2. During raining season, the water rushes down from upstream and forms numerous mini waterfalls on my mountain trail. I feel what you are feeling. When I touch the cool water, it makes me feel very fresh.
    Will take a few shots on these and share out later.

  3. I've been reading your blog and really enjoy it. We have similar interests and thoughts about nature - it's nice to read your perceptions of things, and I really enjoy the photos! Thank you!

  4. i understand what you are feeling, the peacefulness of nature is what makes me seek it also, almost everyday, as a lady, i think hiking is a lot better than shopping :) thus i can get lost in the trail but never in the mall, haha!

    love your interpretation of the little dam.

  5. I've been tempted at times too, Sandra, but what I didn't mention in the story is that it was freezing outside when I took those photos.:)

    I'll be looking forward to seeing them, Rainfield61.

    Thanks MW. I looked at your blog, and like it, and I think you're right. We do have similar interests and thoughts about nature.

    Thanks Betchai. As I'm sure you already know, hiking is cheaper than shopping too.:)

  6. Hii Ratty,
    Running water and accompanied thoughts are so beautiful and soothing.
    I do visit often from now :)

  7. Thank you Sushma, I'm happy you liked the post, and I'm glad that you're here.