Monday, November 3, 2008

Now And Then

Well, it's kind of obvious to everyone by now that summer is over, and we're well into fall. Today I'm going to take a look at the changes that have happened from then to now. The two pictures that I have in this post should illustrate that pretty well.

The first picture is from a few days ago, and the second is from the beginning of July, the heart of summer. That's about four months between the time of the old picture and the new one. Now is the time when the change of the seasons is best to observe.

You can see the difference between the two pictures. In the new picture, the leaves are now mostly off the trees. The ones that are left are shades of yellow and orange. Most of the more red ones have already fallen to the ground. The air is definitely colder out here. It's not just the feel of the cold, it's the smell. Cold air seems so much fresher.

The leaves all over the ground is a huge difference from before. In some places there are so many that they start to pile up. A lot of the trees have fallen down, and they'll make room for new growth next spring. The forest in general looks so bare and empty now.

What was a thick, unpassable group of trees, is now easy to go through. In some places it has gotten hard to tell which direction the trail is, because there are so many open areas now. The trees and the bushes won't deter anyone now, and you can see pretty far in any direction.

You can see that there was plenty of green back in the summer when this picture was taken. There were almost no leaves on the ground. Trees, bushes, and vines are thickly growing on both sides of the trail. It's hard to see even a few feet into the forest. Now that it's well into fall, you can see far into the distance.

Not only is it well into fall, but winter is just around the corner. There's even been snow in a few places around the US. In some places it's been pretty heavy. Pretty soon I'll be seeing the first snowfall of the year right here where I live. So there's even more changes to come. Even in colder weather you can have a good everyday adventure hiking and looking at nature.

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