Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Voice On The Trail

I left you last time when I was startled by a voice on the nature trail where I thought I was very much alone. I happened to be studying a Gray Dogwood shrub(very beautiful up close), when I was addressed by the voice.

"Taking Pictures, huh?", said the voice.

I whirled around startled to see and older man and woman, and said, "Oh, yeah. I've been studying these plants for a long time. I've been looking at the changes they've gone through during the summer."

The man said, "I wonder what kind of plant it is? There are a lot of them around here."

I told him it was Gray Dogwood, and explained some of what I had learned about it.

As we were talking, they moved over to the bridge, which was right next to us. They looked down into the water, and he asked, "Do you think they stock any fish in here? I know there's no fishing or anything, but I wonder if there's fish in the pond."

I explained, "I was just looking at fish or something swimming around in there.(Soul suckers, mwahahaha. Just kidding.) I've seen turtles and frogs, and even some crayfish. The pond is full of life."

He went on to say, "I heard there were deer in the park, but we haven't seen any. You know if there really are deer?"

I replied, "I haven't seen any here recently, but a few months ago, I was able to get very close to one. Within maybe ten feet."

After hearing that, the woman said, "Oh, I wouldn't want to get too close to a deer. I'd be afraid it might attack."

I understood her feelings, so I explained how to get a deer to do what you want. I told her, "I saw on a TV show a while back, a man who could manipulate horses with only body language and gestures. He said it would work on a lot of animals like them. I tried some of the things on that deer I saw and they worked pretty good. If you walk backwards towards the deer, and keep your hands at your sides, he won't perceive you as a threat, and won't run. If you face him and raise your arms, he'll panic, thinking you're a big cat ready to pounce, and he'll run away. So if you're ever worried, try that and you should be okay."

They both said that made pretty good sense. And after a few more minutes, we ended our conversation and I went on my way, toward where they had just come from. They stayed on the bridge, now looking for life in the water. If they watched long enough, they'd see something. I was sure.

As I walked to the back of the park, I thought to myself that even though my quiet peace was interrupted, I liked talking to people on the nature trails like this. My mind was now thinking of deer and the possibility of seeing one again in this park.

With all the people in the park, I was sure I wouldn't see any deer today... Or would I?


  1. You should have told them about the soul sucking tadpoles. Then when they got on the bridge raised your arms and rushed them.

    If they don't jump you know they were caught by the soul suckers and better keep running.

  2. Actually, I thought about telling them, but I was worried they were under the control of the evil soul suckers.

    If they thought I knew about them, they might have come after me.

    (I'm not scared. I'm not scared.)