Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strange Frontier

Into the shadows, from out of the light. Into the darkness, and into the night. Now we've reached the borderline, you can start to smell the fear. People say it could never happen here. But this is a strange frontier.

Here I am again, The Everyday Adventurer, out in the wilderness. I'm standing on a trail in the middle of a meadow, looking at a fork in the road. Should I follow the path of light, or should I follow the path of darkness?

The path of light turns off to the right. But there's no one here to let me know it's the right path. Why should I go on the right path? I'd have to change my direction, but the main trail seems to go that way. I can see that it's well lit. That makes the chance of stumbling and falling a lot less. No mistakes are a good thing. It's pretty safe if you think about it.

I could go through there, and I would have a safe and easy journey. Just think about it. I would be able to negotiate that path quickly and easily. I could see everything easily, and I probably wouldn't run in to anything out of the ordinary. Then I'd be back out and home in no time at all.

The path of darkness is straight ahead. It seems to be the direction I'm already going. It would be so easy to keep going that way. I could almost close my eyes and let myself drift along right into there. The only problem is it goes into that forest. I can't see what's in there. It looks easy at first, but if I made a mistake in there, who would save me?

What would I find in there? It looks like a great mystery. It would be very hard to see in there, but it's very tempting. I could go in there for just a little ways. I could turn back any time I want. There might be something strange and mysterious in there. Something hiding there in the dark. Waiting for me. It might be fun.

Hmm, which one should I choose? The darkness or the light? These are difficult questions, but I think I've made my choice. Here I go!

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  1. Excellent narrative, you possess as an artist and a writer both the inter-eye for placing words where they excite the reading and leave them wanting more; the camera not only finds irresistible what you see through your lens, the creations are frozen in time for all to enjoy.

  2. Im reminded of the story of Thomas the rhymer, who was spirited away to Avalon by the queen of faerie. Along their journey they came to a three way split in the path;one way led to Avalon, the other was wide, clean and well lit, and the other being dark, and overgrown with briars thorns and thistles. When Thomas inquired about these paths, Titiana told him the clear path was the road to hell,as it was easily navigated and comfortable. The thorny path was the road to heaven, wrought with trials and tribulations.

    Anyway, thats what I was thinking...Great blog BTW!!

  3. Thanks for the wonderfully kind words A.J.

    Thomas The Rhymer looks like a great story, Steve. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and I'm fascinated.