Friday, September 12, 2008


It was time to go back to the boat. As I stood here on this island with a sore back, I wondered how I was going to row that boat again. I imagined what it would be like to be stranded here on this deserted island. What if I ended up like Gilligan, stranded on this island for years? And I couldn't swim even if my back was fine. I would swear I saw the Skipper back there. That would be an everyday adventure to talk about.

Wow, I was letting my imagination get away from me. But what if I went back to the other side of the island, and the boats were gone. Stranded here all alone. Oh no! Wait a minute. Snap out of it! I knew that wouldn't happen. I needed to get back to a bigger piece of land.

Finally I turned and made my way back to the boat. There they were where I left them. Ahh, sweet relief. Let's get off this island! Everybody back in the boats. Here we go!

But wait. What about my back? How will I row the boat? Can we make it with me in this condition? What will we do? How many more questions can I come up with?

Tune in next post. Same Rat time; same Rat channel!


  1. Your new header 'Title' looks good. I like it.

    You have me thinking about getting out my canoe again. I haven't been on the water since June.

  2. Thanks, about the title. I've been wanting to change it for a while.

    Being out on the water was fun, despite my real fear and inability to swim. I'm hoping to go back out too.