Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out On Kent Lake

In my last post I introduced Kensington Metropark. As soon as I got there, I was conned into renting a rowboat. Who's idea was this? I have to mention that this is one everyday adventurer who can't swim. When I was a kid, I tried my best to learn, but I was just too afraid. Even so, I found myself out in the middle of Kent Lake rowing a boat, and watching the world turn this way and that. I said I wanted an adventure, so there I was.

After a while, everything leveled out and it wasn't so bad. I had a life jacket on, and as I remember from my old swimming lessons, it would keep me afloat. So, after I stopped screaming(just kidding), I took a few pictures.

I've been trying to get a few good pictures of larger bodies of water for a while, so this was my big chance. I think I got some decent ones. These are some of the first. Wow, this was better than I expected! My water pictures at last!

Then we all decided to go to one of the islands out there and look around. So I started rowing again and... Oww, my back!


  1. What do you mean just kidding about the screaming? You moaned and complained half the way out. It was quiet screaming.

  2. That's called being brave. I'm an everyday adventurer and you're not. So there! Phhhttt!

  3. I love messing about on boats. I'd like to spend a week with a sailing dingy and a tent, finding little islands to camp on :-)

  4. Hi Ratty- This post was from just before I met you. What fun! Your boating buddy obviously has a different perspective than you! ;-)

  5. @John
    I love the boats too, but as you might have seen from the post, it's the water I have a problem with. :)

    I actually had quite a bit more fun than I seemed to, but it's even more fun to complain and throw a fit about being in the middle of a lake when I'm a better sinker than a swimmer. :)