Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

I wouldn't be The Everyday Adventurer if I didn't find some of the best and oddest places to see. I found Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum while I was out driving around. The sign above is the only thing you see at first. I saw the sign a few times and forgot about it.

One day I was here on the web and remembered the name. I did a search and was astounded at what I found. This place is amazing! I knew I had to see it.

From the outside it looks kind of small, but inside you'll find some of the coolest and strangest things you've ever seen. It's basically an arcade of oddities.

There are some of the oldest and newest arcade games you'll ever find in one place.

There are several pinball machines. I saw Simpsons and Family Guy pinball machines; there were others too. Pinball always seems to be the most popular thing in an arcade, and here was no exception. They were always full. Too bad for me.

You'll find video games like Daytona USA, and Guitar Freaks.

They have cool, ticket games, like Skee-ball and others, where you win tickets and turn them in for prizes. The prizes are mostly kids things, but a few things will interest adults.

But the coolest stuff in this place is the Coin-op oddities. They have a fifty five piece mechanical orchestra, Merlin the fortune teller that does an actual magic trick, and many more. Some of these are about a hundred years old and they work!

There are other oddities, like The Cardiff Giant, and an actual Electric Chair from Sing-Sing prison. And when you look up, there are airplanes everywhere.

What I showed here is just a very small sampling of what's really there. The place is jam packed with things to do and things to see. It's just a little bit cramped and maze like, but that just adds to the overall atmosphere. Everyone with me had a wonderful time. If you're ever at all close by, I strongly suggest you go in and take a look.

You can see the address and phone number on the truck in the picture. For more directions and details about the place, I found their website for you. Here you go!

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

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