Monday, September 15, 2008

Complaints And Historical Figures

For a while now I've been having to listen to some disturbing things about some historical people. I like reading about history and the great accomplishments of people. But it seems like every time I see something about a persons achievements, someone starts complaining.

While learning the positive thing a person did, I don't want to focus on their personal problems. I don't want to hear about how this person's positive achievement is nullified, because someone thinks they were evil or wrong in some way. If that historical figure did something bad, I agree, it shoudn't be ignored. But the act is not the person. Whether true or untrue, I don't need to be preached to.

Recently, I was reading a post on a Michigan blog about the invention of the Model T. I always loved that story. It was another great accomplishment, and one of the many things that made America great. It was a nice innocent post that made me feel good, so I commented and told the blogger how much I liked it.

Later I was looking around the same site, and happened to see the next comment. It was a huge lecture on how Henry Ford was a Nazi and friends with Hitler. Who cares. This was not a post about Nazis or wars or anything bad. It was about invention. I politely answered as much. I didn't say more, because it wasn't my blog. But now, here I am.

Sometimes it's okay to only think of the good things. The bad things should be remembered too, but in an appropriate place and time. Ease up a bit. What would it hurt?

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