Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ooh, Looky At The Nature!

I'm back with a turtle! I wanted to show you this turtle in my first picture because I specifically searched for turtles and I found this one. It was the only one I found this time, but at least I got what I was looking for.

The swampy area where I found him is home to lots of turtles. I don't share every turtle I find because we don't want so many. There would be turtles all the way down the blog if I did that. If you read the same books I do that last sentence might be amusing. Probably not, but you'd know what I'm talking about.

Take a close look at the above picture. Do you see the birds? The one on the left seems to be keeping guard for the one on the right. The right one is lying down for some reason. I'm guessing they are mates, but I don't know that. They left when I got a little closer.

I wouldn't have moved in closer to them but they were right on the side of the road. You might think the one was injured or something, but it flew away just as easy as the other. It's not a busy road, but it's also not a very good place for a possible nest.

I threw this picture above in to show you non-photographers how difficult it is to take these pictures. I tried and tried to focus the camera on this bird, but the camera just wouldn't do it before the bird flew away. So I lost another one. It's a common occurrence with nature photography.

The secret is to just take as many pictures as you can and to use the good ones. If you're like me, you also use some of the bad ones. That's why I get to wear a rat costume.

If you want to be a little safer with your photography, then you can take lots of pictures of things like these. They don't run away when you point your camera at them. They do move a bit when there's a gentle breeze though, so nothing is foolproof.

I used the flowers last because I thought it would be good to end with a pleasant photo after that one with the bird. I'm also trying to not be so distracted so I will post a little more often again. I have to keep trying to remind myself to have some fun because I've been getting too wrapped up in business. I'm still trying to organize my time a little better for everything. Hopefully I'll get it right when I talk to you later.


  1. Animal photography is hard! Those great shots in National Geographic must be out of thousands. The ones I post are out of hundreds.

    Love the turtle. What a treat to live alongside turtles. We don’t have any here.

    Always glad to see you Ratty.

  2. Yea!! I LOVE the turtle!! I miss ours...but not all the work. I'm hoping she is still living a good life out in the wild.

    Birds and other animals will look out for each other if they are eating or resting. I think that is what those two were doing.

  3. Turtles have very good eyesight making it hard to get close. Those last blooms are Canadian Anemone.

  4. I sometimes have trouble getting things that don't move into focus. The camera and I don't always agree on what to focus on

  5. My human loves turtles, so she is happy you included one today.

  6. Thanks. I enjoyed the walk with you. Yesterday, I saw a turtle beside our road. He (or she?) was headed for some wet land.

  7. Hi Ratty- Cameras are foul-minded things, certain you wanted a picture of the grass in the background, until you wanted a picture of the grass in the background. I think the bird on the post is a cowbird- the head looks bronz-y