Sunday, December 13, 2015

Snowy Pictures From My Phone Camera

I decided to try a little experiment. In my last post I was complaining a little bit about having to adjust the pictures of snow from my good camera. I then decided to try taking some similar pictures with my phone. That's what you see here.

I didn't have to adjust or edit these pictures even a little bit. These pictures even without adjustment represent what it really looked like out there in all that snow. My big camera really is a good one, but my phone also has an excellent camera.

These pictures show that for a lot of your pictures all you need is a smartphone with a good camera. I'd use the phone exclusively for my pictures if I didn't need the zoom feature in my big camera. The basic scenery pictures actually come out better on the phone if I just shoot with automatic mode on both.

I do have another reason for showing you these pictures that are so similar to my last post. These are from a whole different snowstorm. All the snow had melted from the previous one and then it snowed almost as much this second time.

The main reason I'm sharing these pictures is because the snow stuck really beautifully to the trees and bushes this time. I didn't capture the falling snow this time though because I couldn't remember how to trun on the flash with the phone. And I was too lazy to check. I didn't really need it anyway.

Now all of this snow is melted too. We've had several warm days so all the snow has disappeared. Even the snowman that my dog kept barking at is long gone. She really hated that snowman. It wouldn't stop staring at her.

Since there's not much else to say about the snow I'm going to change the subject. As many of you know I've been complaining about the lack of trees at my local nature parks. It's frustrated me for the past few years. As I was thinking about it one night I finally realized the solution that I should have known all along.

There is one park here with lots of trees. I haven't visited it since my first year here because it's almost all hills.As I sat there thinking I realized that I want trees more than I don't want hills, so I'm going back to that park. It's just down the road from me and it has lots of animals just like my old parks back in Michigan.

So my next post will be from that hilly tree-filled nature park. I hope to have that one up soon. Maybe these next few posts will be like my old posts from my Michigan days. I really miss those. I just know I've finally found my solution. I can't wait. I'll talk to you later.


  1. i just got a 1st smart phone, but thank you lord for my cameras. I have seen some good shots others have taken. Just coming back from Germany, and haven't seen much snow other than in CO and Austria.

  2. Talk to trees, trees talk back.
    Smartphone will then capture all these.

  3. These photos are really gorgeous!! I agree with you about camera phones - I often find that if I am struggling to capture what I'm seeing on my proper camera, I'll just take a snapshot with my phone and it is completely what I'm seeing.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  4. I've been using my phone camera a lot lately only because it's more convenient and I always have it with me.
    You can keep that snow. I don't want

  5. That's great that you're going back to that park to give it a try. I love your snow photos!

  6. The snow is pretty...if you don't have to go out in it.

    I'm glad you at least have one park with a lot of trees. Maybe you need to be the new Johnny Appleseed and spread tree seeds wherever you go!

  7. I love seeing the snow and enjoying it virtually! And I really should learn to better use my phone. I carry both phone and camera everywhere. Good luck on the mountain park hike ... Looking forward to your pictures.

  8. Your cell phone did a great job capturing snowy scene. We only had one big snow storm before Thanksgiving, and so far, just rain and windy!