Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Visit With Some Deer Friends

Look what I found on my first trip to my new favorite nature park. Well, it's not exactly my first trip, but it is my first trip there in three years. These three deer were right out front. They were actually the first thing I saw when I stepped onto the nature trail.

I didn't exactly see them like this right away. The second picture was what I saw first. This top picture came later after some examination by me and by the deer.

This is the first encounter with deer in a nature park for me the entire time I've been here in Iowa. I used to see them several times a week when I was in Michigan. I've only seen them here on busy highways running in front of my truck. That happens very often.

So this second picture is how I saw the deer first. I wasn't expecting to see any deer at all, but I was hopeful. I included this deer butt picture because these white tails are what they're known for, which is why they're called White-Tailed Deer.

These deer flash these white tails at each other as a sign of danger. This time I was the danger. They saw me first and ran away, which is why I even saw them. I had to fumble with my camera to get the couple of shots I did. I thought they would be gone before I got anything more. But then came the interesting part.

The deer stopped just beyond that bench that you can see in every picture. They stopped and turned around to watch me. But that's not all they did.

They came back toward me a few steps to see what I was doing there. I can't exactly tell you just how happy this behavior made me feel. Maybe I can. I'll explain why I like this so much.

This curious behavior is the same as the way the city deer from back in Michigan behaved. Those deer would get so curious as to my existence there that I could sometimes coax them to come right up to me. I got so good after awhile that I could make them do practically anything I wanted.

I manipulated the wildlife in the nature parks there that I began to think I could do just about anything. I visited the wild animals every day so they were very used to my presence. Some would even seem happy to see me when I arrived at the parks. I was welcome among them. I miss those days very much. The behavior of these deer makes me think I can have some of that back.

I originally stopped going to this park because it's so very full of hills; steep hills. I'll try to show that to you in a future post. Even when I was in good shape the hills just about killed me every time. But this park has trees. It has wildlife. It has all those things I always loved, even a nice bridge. I'm going to conquer the hills. I have to.

This is going to be a great challenge for me because I've let myself get so out of shape now, but I know I can do it. I'll take it all a little bit at a time. And when I get tired I'll go inside the wonderful nature center at the front of the park. I haven't been inside that building in maybe ten years. It was great back then, and I hope it is now still. I can't wait for future visits to this park. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Sitting on top of those hills has a nice feeling

  2. Wonderful photos of these beautiful animals!

  3. I love the story of their white tails and how they use them to signal danger.

    I wish you well in your quest for greater fitness. It can be so difficult - good luck!

  4. looks like they were very curious about you, too.

  5. That nature park shows lots of promise! Love the deer pics!

  6. That's awesome that they stopped and turned around. Looks like this is going to be a good park to visit. As for the hills, they're only a problem on the way up :)

  7. This photo would make a great Christmas or Holiday Card! Nice shot!

  8. Great pictures and story. Yes, I hope you can improve your fitness with climbing those hills. Hope to see more posts from you from there.
    Have a merry and happy Christmas.

    1. You have a Merry Christmas too. I always enjoy seeing your comments.

  9. I think you'll become a frequent visitor to your new friends. Nice pix.

  10. How fun that they stopped to check you out! Those are some great pictures.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Those deer are posing for you ..l I think you must be a deer whisperer! Beautiful! I like danger tails up pic too, because just as you say, that's their ID....what I always look for first to tell what kind of deer imbseeing. Sadly, often that's the only view I ever get.

    Good place to motivate you to get back in shape. It would work for me!

  12. Merry Christmas, Ratty! Wishing you a joyful holiday and a healthy year ahead full of good hiking adventures!

  13. You have found some deer. That's great.
    And this reminds me about your older posts, and squirrels.


  14. There are mushrooms that you are not able to see. They must be shutting up like a telescopic lens. Alright, they too are magnified so dramatically that you see them only as a big pillar.


  15. There are mushrooms that you are not able to see. They must be shutting up like a telescopic lens. Alright, they too are magnified so dramatically that you see them only as a big pillar.

  16. Just back to wish you a belated merry Christmas