Monday, October 18, 2010

A Squirrel And Me

It's time for me to try another post today! The pictures I'm sharing with you this time show the last squirrel I was able to photograph before my little accident. They're not the best, but I'm still proud of them because they're all mine. I don't have much more nature to talk about, so I'll give a bit of an update on my progress, and what I'm doing in the meantime.

I went to the neurologist, who told me I was going to need many more tests. I did discover that I can do almost nothing unless my eyes are open. I fall over whenever I close my eyes! I didn't realize it until the doctor had me try it! Now they want to do a bunch of tests on my brain. I always knew that one day someone would tell me I needed to have my head examined.

On the bright side, I was finally able to go out and begin my search for a new truck. My old one was damaged beyond repair. I went to many places without finding another truck that I want yet. I loved my old one, and any new truck has to be at least as good as that one. I still can't drive yet anyway, so getting it home is going to be quite another story.

So anyway, since I haven't been able to enjoy nature very much yet, and because the marbles in my head are still a bit out of alignment, my mood has become rather dark. I'm going to have to resist a lot of posts on this blog as long as I'm in that frame of mind because this is supposed to be a happy, carefree zone. So what can I do in the meantime?

I came up with a plan to use this dark frame of mind I'm in. Since Halloween is coming up anyway, I decided to use my twisted mind to work on more of my fiction stories. So while I'm not able to increase the number of posts here, maybe I can write a few stories for Rat Tales. Most of those are horror or dark humor anyway, so I'm in the perfect mood to write more.

I'm not sure how much I can write yet; mainly because when I posted my last story I also wrote a post here, and I've been doing things for Nature Center Magazine too. I knew by the end of that day that I had done too much, and I became sick for the next two days. I know now to pace myself a little better. But I still have several good ideas for all three sites. But I guess they'll just have to take turns for now.

Which site will I update next? I don't know. Maybe I'll leave a few comments on a few of your sites before then. That's every bit as fun for me. I know that most of you come here for the nature stories, so my next post here will be much more like my old stuff. You know, without all the whining(I'm kidding)! And my next story on Rat Tales will be designed to disgust. In the meantime I hope you like my little squirrel with that accusing glare that he did so well in the first photo, right before he turned and ran away.

Nature Center Magazine - Did you know that some frogs can scream? Well, I have a screaming frog for you in this week's Cool Nature Video! You'll see passion, warfare, and a screaming frog, all in a world gone mad! Coming soon to a computer screen near you!
(Disclaimer: Some of this video promotion may be a complete lie, but the part with the screaming frog is true.)


  1. I examine your brain virtually through the posts I have and am reading.

    You are as normal as previous day.

    You are you.


  2. One step at a time and always forward. Not a bad way to approach life. No need to rush things, eventually things will sort themselves out. Patience is key here and will help to maintain, redevelop a positive frame of mind. I'll be sure to check Rat Tales in the near future to see what your up to there.

    Looking for a new truck can be a lot of fun. Not a bad way to use the energy that can afford to use. Good luck with that, and good luck to your healing process. There are a lot of people our here in virtual world pulling for you.

  3. Nice to hear your "voice". I pointed out there doesn't need to be length to a post last time.I place with how I feel, and I'm way behind in sharing some great shots I have caught.Doctors may become a hobby, the neuro boys will offer you to all their friends.You made me think of Young Frankenstein quoting, "Its a brain!". As far as someone telling you to get your head examined, I see it as a guy thing,we are often misunderstood.LOL

  4. Sounds like a good idea, Ratty, I mean using that dark mood to write fictional stories! Just make sure you don't do too much, and concentrate on getting well..

  5. Well that's a great idea, taking advantage of the dark mood to write some stories. I think we all tend to want to push ourselves when we aren't up to par but it's not always the best idea. Do what you can, when you can. As for what you write here, I enjoy reading anything you care to post.

  6. Ratty, it all takes time so just do what you can when you can. Using that dark frame of mind on a story is a great idea. You always hold our interest with all of your stories and I'm sure one of this nature will be just as intriguing. Take care, Ratty.

  7. I think all "bloggers" need to have their heads examined. You are one of the more normal ones....really.:)

  8. Your body is going to take some time, pally. I know it is hard to be patient, but it will come--it will. Look how far you have come already!!

    As for the screaming frogs--I know that mine "Eeep!" when they get frightened and jump in the water. Hobbes loves that!

  9. Really wish you weren't having this bad time. Maybe you can find some places to visit that don't take much physical exertion, and will still give you an outdoor "fix."

  10. Hi Ratty. I think you are doing just fine. I know you have your moments but in time you will back to your usual self. I love your little squirrels friends and am glad they give you so much enjoyment. I am looking forward to one of your 'Rat" Tales..You are so good at writing that stuff. Take care my friend and take it slow and easy.

  11. You need to take after us cats, Ratty - when we are hurt, we take it easy and let ourselves heal, and we don't dwell on or fret about the stuff we can't do. Although I do think that writing dark stories to fit your mood is quite a good idea! You WILL get better in time; just be patient with yourself and don't overdo.

  12. I'm glad you are still getting the odd post up Ratty and i have been enjoying your writings over at 'Rat Tales' so wherever you are posting I will be visiting!!

    Take care of yourself and good luck on the truck hunt!

  13. Ratty, I know it's hard being a patient patient but, please, take it easy. It's great having you write a little at a time...that's better than nothing at all. Just take care of yourself first. I'm sorry to hear that this horrible accident is turning out to have longer lasting effects. I know you are not used to being house bound and restricted in your activities. We just want you better!

  14. I love the idea of using a dark mood to write dark stories and always wondered how people can write some of those long horror novels that take years, envelop their thoughts totally in that project and still have a normal life.
    I wrote a few stories and found the writing part all consuming. I thought I'd save it for a time in my old age when I'm all alone or something and don't have relationships to maintain. :O) Now doesn't that sound depressing :O(