Friday, October 29, 2010

The Raccoons Surrounded Me!

I'm back with part two of my raccoon story! But before I present this to you, I have a promised update for you. I went to the doctor yesterday, where they did an EEG on me. That's a test on my brain activity. Well, that checked out completely normal. That's good news, but I still don't know what's wrong. I'll be going back for more tests.

I've had a few other trips away from home as well. I seem to be able to do physical things just fine now, but if I try to think very much I become exhausted. And I forget things much too easily still. It seems like information goes in my head and then falls right back out. I almost forgot to write this post today.

Oops! And I also almost forgot to mention that I have a new story posted over on Rat Tales. This one doesn't involve spaghetti in any way.My new story is actually an updated version of an old one I did here a while back. It's about what happens when a person goes for a midnight hike at the worst time.

Anyway, enough of the bad stuff and on to nature, my favorite thing. When I originally posted this story of the raccoons I had to limit the amount of pictures because there were already very many. But this time I have added a few extras to go along with them. This was really a big event for me. It's not every day that a person is chased by raccoons and still gets a lot of pictures to show. Today you get a good hint of why they came after me! Here goes...

I ended the first part of this story yesterday as six raccoons were running towards me. When I first saw them I had no idea what their intentions were. I only knew that they were very interested in me. I thought they would run away when they saw me, but they only came on faster.

If you haven't seen part one of this story, you can go here to read it: Raccoons

As they were quickly moving closer to me, I noticed that the majority of them were only juvenile raccoons. They were not full grown yet, and they were only about half the size of a full grown raccoon. I watched to see which one was the mother, but I quickly realized she wasn't there.

That was a relief! I didn't want to deal with an angry protective mother raccoon. Raccoons can be very dangerous animals. Probably the most dangerous I've met yet. Their teeth and claws are very sharp, and they like to use them. This could have turned into a very bad situation for me.

As you can see by the first two pictures, they reached me. Before they got to me I could see that they were just curious, so I held my ground and let them come. They got to me and began curiously moving all around me. I liked them immediately! Just look at those cute little faces!

They were staying very close to me. I had the whole crowd of them at my feet. One of them was walking in a circle around my left leg. Two others decided to stand up on my legs a little bit so they could get a better look at me. They were trying to figure out just what I was. They were more curious of me than I was of them.

Make no mistake though, I was very curious about them. I knew this was the best opportunity I've ever had to get closeup pictures of wild animals. I was alternating between trying to focus my camera on them and making sure I got to really look at them with my own two eyes. This was maybe the most amazing experience I've ever had!

The mutual admiration went on for a few minutes until I noticed a straggler. There was one of them that was holding back. It wasn't quite so sure that this new creature they discovered was entirely safe. It was the shyest and probably the smartest of the bunch.

While I was looking at it, the shy little raccoon finally let it's curiosity get the best of it, and it finally joined it's family at my feet. I continued to hold my ground. I wasn't sure what to do now, so I took more pictures while the little raccoons kept walking around me.

Finally I decided that this was enough so I moved my feet a little bit, and the shy one turned and quickly started walking back down the trail from where it came. When the others saw this, they decided that it was best to keep the family together, so the whole group turned and reluctantly followed the other one down the path.

I took more pictures as they fled from me down the path. I thought this was the last I would see of my new friends, so I took as many pictures as I could before they disappeared forever. They finally followed the trail around a corner until I couldn't see them anymore.

This was not the end though! I happened to be going in the same direction as these little ones. It probably would have been wiser for me to turn around and use another path to the back of the park, but I honestly thought they would stay away from me now. I thought they were afraid of me now because they decided I was a threat. I was never so wrong before.

If you haven't guessed yet, the story doesn't end here. The next part will be the third and final part. The best stories are all trilogies anyway. It will be the most action packed part of the story. There will be another twist to this story that you might guess from these first two parts. Can you guess what it might be? Don't miss tomorrow's exciting conclusion of my encounter with the raccoons!

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  1. Ratty, these little guys are so cute. I just can't believe they came up to you and swarmed around your feet. I would have been so anxious, wondering if they were going to suddenly attack. It is pretty unusual behavior! I can't wait for the next installment of your "coon" tale.

  2. They looks so cute, and your photos are outstanding. I'd be scare if this happens to me..

  3. They came around to provide you with some special cure to your sickness.

    They were witches.

  4. Those are great photos of your experience, Ratty! How cool!! I'm glad that your brain checked out well, but I think anytime you have an injury to your head like that it takes time to heal. As long as the tests are clear, I'm sure there is nothing seriously wrong, but maybe you just have to take it easy for a bit more. You'll get there--don't fret.

  5. How odd that the raccoons were milling around your feet. Can't wait for part 3.
    Good news about the EEG. Hopefully the other tests will reveal more information.

  6. Do you suppose they were asking, "Are you my mother?" Hope it is only a matter of time for your complete healing.

  7. You made some good friends and nice to record the experience otherwise it may have sounded like a fish story.Now what would you have done if they climbed up your leg?

  8. Good to see that you're back to doing your favorite things!

    Now about the raccoons. That one in the second picture, looking up at the camera, couldn't be more adorable.

  9. Ok, the paw on the shoe is too adorable. who would have thought these little critters would have so much personality.

  10. Awwwwwwwww! so cute. we have a family that lives in our willow tree, much to the fascination of our dog. And you know what? They've never gone after our garbage! I guess they know where their bread is buttered. :)

  11. oh they are cute. What an amazing experience. Now I'm very curious about what will happen in the final part.

  12. This is such a good story! I've never been that close to so many baby raccoons, and although it obviously happening, it's pretty odd!

    I hope your brain starts cooperating with your wishes pretty soon. I'm glad you can got out again, at least.

  13. What a fantastic experience and some great pictures...i wish I could have been there to share it with you Ratty!