Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Nature Trivia

Today I'm going to bring an all new game to The Everyday Adventurer, just for you! It's fun nature trivia. It will only take a minute, and it's just a short series of questions and answers that will help you learn fun facts about nature. As always, my games are easy enough for anyone to play.

But what's the catch? How is this a game? Let me tell you! The trick here is that the answers to the trivia questions are hidden in this post somewhere. After you read the questions, see if you can find them! I'll reveal the easy solution tomorrow for any of you who can't figure it out. The real main point of the game is that you read the questions before the answers; that's what makes the questions fun. Here we go!

01. What type of animal is a Saki?
Answer: Monkey

02. What insect depends the most upon sight, rather than sound, to locate mates?
Answer: The Firefly

03. What extinct bird was named for the Portuguese word for "stupid"?
Answer: The Dodo Bird

04. What is the largest island in the world?
Answer: Greenland

05. What U.S. spider has poison that is 15 times as powerful as rattlesnake venom?
Answer: The Black Widow

06. What creature proved to be much faster than a horse in a 1927 race in Sydney, Australia?
Answer: The kangaroo

07. Which animal produces the biggest baby?
Answer: Blue Whale

08. What is the correct name for a rabbit's tail?
Answer: Scut

09. Which is the largest Fresh water lake in the world?
Answer: Lake Superior, which borders my home state of Michigan

10. How many teeth does an elephant have?
Answer: Four

11. Did you like this trivia game?
Answer: Yes, it was wonderful


  1. I feel as if I'm in school again, Ratty! Right off hand, I don't know the answers and I thought I did, but I don't want to look them up either since that would be cheating..

  2. I am lucky to have Icy BC talking on my behalf.

    I feel as if I'm in school as well, but being a lazy student to learn all the knowledge.

  3. ok, i'll admit, i'm blonde and don't understand this little i can only guess at these answers. curious to see tomorrows post. have a great day ratty...hugz!

  4. Oh, Ratty, my brain has decayed, I believe. I think I know some of the answers but not all of them. This is a bit like work. I will be here tomorrow, that's for sure.

    I've been watching "I'm Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" lately and that has me really depressed.

  5. It's an interesting post. I was able to find out some answers.

  6. I'm just doing a quick check in right now, and I'm seeing that maybe I was being a bit too vague on how to find these answers. The answers are here already, right in front of you. Maybe you can ask Ratty's little cousin, the mouse, to help you find them.

  7. Did I like this trivia game?
    Yes, it was wonderful

  8. Fun a quiz! I look forward to learning the answers :) I think I got a few!


  9. Great list of questions but I'm a bonehead with facts I can't wait to SEE the time, how about multiple choice?? (that is, multiple guess-teehee!)

  10. ok..i feel a bit dumb...some of the answers I know...but I still can't find them within the post...and your little hint hasn't helped me either...this will drive me nuts until tomorrow!!!

  11. maybe I should have read this earlier in the day when my brain wasn't so used up. I'll check back tomorrow for the answers

  12. I did not find the answers hidden somewhere on your blogpost...but I tried.
    So tomorrow, you can show me how stupid I was. ha

  13. The only one I could answer is #11! and my answer is NO because I didn't know any of the answers! LOL!

  14. Ahahaha... I feel dizzy trying to answer your question. But I am better than Lin... so, I will answer one :D

    Elephant got no teeth!! only two if you count the tusks! :P

  15. Ok. I had to research these things.I found only a few of the answers on your blog Mr.R. #1 monkey/#2 butterflies/#3 Dodo/ #4 Greenland/ #5 The black widow spider/ #6 A Kangaroo/ #7 The blue whale/ #8 Bob/ #9 Lake Baikal/ #10 24 teeth/ #11 And yes, i love a challenge.

  16. Ratty! I got it, I got it, heheheheheeeee! I'll post them on my blog.

  17. PS- Is the time on your computer off? The time says the last few days' posts were put up around 5 am, but they weren't there at around 9 or 10 am when I first checked your blog for the day.

  18. Well, even though some of you made great tries at the answer to this trivia game, I think only a very few actually figured out that the answers are already right in front of you. My games are always very easy.

    I'm pretty sure all of the posts came up at the right times. There are comments from soon after the posts were up. Maybe your browser isn't refreshing the page correctly. I've had that problem myself a few times recently.

  19. unfortunately, i am not smarter than a fifth grader too. too lazy to look for the answers. shame. :(