Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do Robins Like Awards?

I want to share a couple of pictures of an American robin with you. I took these a few weeks ago and I didn't want them to become lost in my archives forever. I love every photo I take from the best to the worst. I save them all. These are some I like more than others.

I actually had to do a bit of work to get these. As you can see, the sky looks very bright because I had to do a little bit of an overexposure trick so the bird would show up in the shot. Every animal I see is precious to me, and I want a record because I'll probably never see it again.

The look on the robin's face here just doesn't seem to me to be a look that a robin would have. I guess our preconceptions just aren't always right, are they? This bird seems to have the intense look of a predator in its eyes. There's also something else there that I can't identify, and I think I like that even more.

Onto something a little different today. I have received an award from Wiggy over at Wiggy's World. Go take a look at his blog, you might just like what you see. Here's a link to his post about the award: Adgitize payment and other bits.


Here are the rules for this award:
1. Anyone awarded with this one must pass this “BEST BLOG” Award to 15 bloggers who he/she thinks have the best and greatest blogs.

For the new awardee…
2. To receive and accept this award.
  • Copy and save the award
  • Make a post in your blog about the award, like this one, but write in your own words, or at least a reasonable facsimile.
  • In your post, mention the name of the blogger who awarded you, and include a link to their blog.
  • Please do leave a comment in this post so I know you accepted the award. This lets me know so I can leave a nice comment in your award post too.
And remember to contact the 15 bloggers to notify them that they have been chosen for this award, or at least as many as you can put together.

Well now is the time for me to choose my 15 bloggers... but many of you understand by now that I cheat. I have to do it, because I just don't know how to choose between my many friends. If you read this and want the award, just let me know about your post about it. I really do want you to have it.

This is also my way of notifying you. Any of you who have commented here before, and read this are the ones I want to give this award to. You mean more to me than anyone else on the internet. Please accept the award so I can have an excuse to wander over to your blog and tell you how wonderful you are! I'll talk to you then!


  1. Your robin is beautiful. I suppose there is a bit of the predator about all birds. He is on the lookout for a luscious worm. To each his own, I always say. They might be very tasty.

    Congratulations on the award - well deserved, Ratty.

  2. Great robin pictures ratty, I'm the same way about all the pictures I take, I just can't seem to delete any of them. Makes for huge

    Congrats on that award. well deserved indeed. Have a great weekend

  3. Beautiful photos of the Robin, and congratulation on your awards!

  4. Congrats on the award, Ratty. You are a devoted blogger and deserve it so much.
    Nice shots of the Robin. I had the same problem with the having to overexpose to get a clear shot the other day of a Cardinal. I rarely see them, so I wasn't going to wait for the perfect shot of one, that's for sure! I will post them soon.
    I don't see many robins in trees, they seem to forge more on the round here and now they are gone. We haven't seen any here in weeks.
    Great shots of them,Ratty.
    I loved when you said you keep every one of your pictures, good or bad. I tend to be like that too! I love them all. Just recently, I went back in my archives and deleted some, but it was hard, even though they were a bit blurry. ha

  5. I received this award today from Ann so I don't think I should have it twice but still want you to come to my blog!! :-)

    Great photos of the American robin!!

  6. Congrats, Ratty! Well, if you are a worm the Robin is a vicious predator!

  7. congratulations Ratty, and I do understand why you are not specifically sharing the 15 :) I do that too :)

    like you, i don't know how to delete my pictures :) in fact, i most of the time don't know which one really to share, sometimes i spend a lot of the time staring at my pictures choosing which ones to share and ending up not posting anything because i do not know :(

    i hope the robin like awards, you gave us a beautiful picture of the robin.

  8. Beautiful Robin Ratty. COngrats on the award :)

  9. Congrats on the awards Ratty. The robin to me looks as if she is in a contemplative mode rather than a predatory mode. Either way beautiful photo and robin. You know I love birds :)

  10. I have the same problem on exposure when taking most of the pictures on birds. They are either overexposure with the bright sky behind, or underexposure in front of dense leaves.

    A lot of skill involved...

    Congratulation on the award.

  11. I love your robin! The bird life around here is changing fast as winter settles in. And I have to admit I save all my photos, too...and finally, that I already got this award, but am stuck with how to pass it along because I'm a little busy right now....I like your method!