Thursday, October 7, 2010

Island Lake Dam

Well, it's been a week and a day since my last post here. I hoped to be able to have more frequent updates by now, but that just isn't happening yet. I'll explain why further down the post, but first I really want to talk the dam I'm showing you right now.

I found the dam by chance while I was at Island Lake State Recreation Area last summer. The pictures here are from the last time I was able to go there. This is now the biggest dam I have ever seen for myself, and the closest thing to a waterfall that I have ever seen.

I really love waterfalls, but there is only one significant waterfall in the lower peninsula of Michigan, where I live. We have a very unique state because it is divided into two parts, each one is a peninsula. That means they are surrounded by water on all sides but one. Both sections of my state feature a lot of nature, but only the upper peninsula has a lot of waterfalls. But I have this dam!

So how did I find the dam? Well, I knew there was a lake just to the right of where I took this picture, but there is no clue that a dam is hidden just on the other side of these trees. It's not really very noticeable that there is even a way to get there, but there is.

Just to the right of those canoes is a trail leading into the trees. See the worn area on the ground? That almost always says there is a trail to be found. Seeing that, and being the everyday adventurer that I am, I decided to follow that trail.

It didn't take long before I saw that the trail lead to a peaceful little river. Or at least I thought it was peaceful. Because the closer I got to that water, the more I could hear the loud rushing sound of what I was to discover very soon!

And here it is! I finally have a new episode of Rat TV! This shows the dam in all its glory! I have wanted to bring this to you for a long time. At the time, I was planning on bringing it to you in a few days, but my accident interrupted everything, bringing all my plans to an abrupt halt.

So since I'm on the subject, let me explain what has been happening with me and the progress of my healing from my injuries. As I hinted at the beginning of the post, I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. I'm still suffering from terrible headaches, dizziness, and memory loss. It hasn't seemed to ease up.

I went to the doctor the other day for a follow up examination, and the doctor didn't like what he was seeing, so he decided to send me to a neurologist. That will happen next week. Maybe that will help them figure out why I'm not getting any better.

So all I can say about that for now is that I will continue to try and do whatever I can here. I'll post when I can. I'll comment when I can. But I just don't know when any of that will be. I want so desperately to be able to do all of these things, but just being awake is hard for me on most days right now. But I still have the hope that one of these days very soon I'll begin to feel like my old self.

But for now, let's continue this post.

At the end of that hidden little trail, I come out to see this! I look to the right, and there is the dam! It was such a wonderful sight when I saw it for the very first time! It seemed so beautiful to me. The power of that rushing water is just one of the most spectacular things that can be experienced.

See that speck in the air just to the right of that little building at the left of the dam? That is a bird, or more specifically, a cedar waxwing! This is where I saw these special birds for the first time! This particular bird came flying over the dam, and flew over the river and right above me before it flew off down the river.

This is such a wonderful place. The dam is just the icing on the cake for this beautiful section of this nature park.

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  1. I am sorry you are not doing better, Ratty, because I know that all you really want to do is get back outside in nature again. I hope the doctors can get your recovery back on track.

  2. Let me guess: you are able to resume your adventure into the jungle, you are improving, you read more and more nowadays, you are getting better and better....

    Have a nice weekend. Best wishes to you.

  3. I hope the neurologist will have more answers and you'll get better soon. It's wonderful though that you have this dam to share. It looks beautiful, Ratty!

  4. Dams are amazing made-made waterfalls. I enjoyed seeing yours.
    Continued well wishes for your full recovery!

  5. Best wishes for continued recovery Ratty. Better days are coming. Keep the faith. Somehow the post about the dam seems symbolic here. Water held back, only to rush downstream seeking freedom.

  6. Ratty- I hope they figure out what is wrong. You should be feeling better if it was just a concussion. This is a little scary. That's such a cool place- Island Lake. I used to drive there when I had the time to get away from the trauma of grad school.

  7. Waterfalls are nice, there is section on the Niobrara River where you see 27 of varied size in just a few miles,Smith Falls being the largest. This river divides the NE sandhills from the Black Hills.Nice to see a chat.

  8. i like your post, i am nature lover and i love the dam. Well looking forward for your new post and good health.

  9. Hi Ratty...Firstly I'm sorry that you aren't healing as well as you hoped but hopefully with your appointment next week you can really start to mend.The dam is great...The best place I ever saw a waterfall was on my visits to Sweden and I went to Trollhatan to see the Trollhatan falls...these were truly amazing but you have to be there at specific times as they have been 'damed' too and are turned on and off to help with the flow of water to other's a long time since I was there but it was a very magical experience spent with special friends and your story has brought all those memories 'flooding (pardon the pun) back to me so thank you for that.

  10. I've been to Kinzu dam in Pennsylvania. It's quite amazing.
    I hope the neurologist can get everything figured out for you and get you back on the trails again soon.

  11. I love your little dam Ratty!! So smooth and peaceful. I sure hope you get good news from the doctor when you go and start healing up. My thoughts are with you always.

  12. The dam photos and video are amazing, well done. I hope that neurologist will be able to help with some answers for you. It is obviously more than a concussion, though I hope and pray not real serious. Take it easy and keep us posted on your progress.

  13. the dam is beautiful, i can remember it from your posts last year, hope you really get better, sorry to hear that getting well did not come as quick, will keep you in prayers.

  14. I'm sorry to hear that your improvement has slowed down a bit but I guess that happens sometimes. But do be positive and I'm sure your neurologist will definitely find a cure for your complications. In the mean time don't exert yourself a lot, do take all the rest you can cause for healing it's essential. You'll do fine Ratty, I'm sure. ^__^

    And about the dam, it looks absolutely scenic.

  15. Sounds like a neurologist is the best option to explore what is going on. Many accidents end up with closed head injuries and because there is swelling involved with the brain, it does take a while to recover. I am thinking of you and wishing the best for you,Ratty. Just do what you can each day and don't fret over your blog readers, we are loyal and patient and will read whenever you pressure from us!!