Monday, October 26, 2009

Poll Results - Your Favorite Season

Here it is, time for the results to another thrilling poll by your Everyday Adventurer! This one was a question of time. And it was a question of what time you like. Time passes for all of us. We notice this passage of time in to oddest ways. One day is green. One day is white. One day is brown and red. Some days are combinations of all. But what was your favorite?

The question was put to you, "What is your favorite Season?" I have to tell you that I was not surprised by your answer this time. Considering what time of year it is and other factors, I was not one bit surprised. When I first began visiting my nature parks I never expected to see the fall crowd that came to these places just to see the colors.

Okay, enough of this nonsense. On to the results!

Coming in at last place in your favorite seasons were two choices, Rainy and Dry seasons, with 0 votes (0%). Even though they aren't generally recognized as true seasons, I included these two because some of our friends here live in places that only really experience these seasons. Our four seasons never appear outwardly there.

#4 Winter - 3 votes (11%)
Winter is a wonderful time of year, but I don't blame most of you for not voting for this very cold time of year. It still has its good points. Who wouldn't want the experience of getting to build a snowman at least once in their life? Snow is a very special thing. The only problem here is that winter can be unbearably cold at times. That's always a turn off. Plus the fact that the only real color is white and a dull faded brown.

#3 Summer - 4 votes (15%)
 I thought summer would have been a little more popular, but that's before actually remembering the two seasons that beat it. Summer is the time in America when kids don't have to go to school. It's the time when everything is warm and sunny. This may be the time when colder regions of the world become more active. It's also the opposite of winter, and can be very hot at times. Some people like their air conditioners more than the hot summer.

#2 Spring - 7 votes (26%)
 I have to say that spring is my personal choice. It's the end of winter, and this is the time of year when the world renews itself. The weather becomes pleasantly warmer. The plants begin to regain their green, and they start to grow again. The animals also come out of their hiding places, and we begin to see the signs of little ones of every kind. I can't personally think of anything bad to say about spring, so I won't.

#1 Fall - 12 (46%)
 Fall is your overwhelming choice for favorite time of year! Two thing factored into this one. The first, but also the least reason, is that it is fall right now. The second reason is that whenever any of us think of seasons we think of fall. Fall is the time of year when all of the green of spring and summer seems to catch fire! The trees turn to brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow.

I think this may be the only season where people from all over the world make time to just enjoy looking at the beautiful colors. Other seasons have their own excellent qualities, but most of us enjoy this one most of all. Fall is the only season that is openly talked about for it's great beauty. That is why it's a clear winner. I knew it would be.

The pictures I've brought to you are what fall looks like right now in the forest closest to me. There is still plenty of green there, but it's quickly turning. I'll bring you more when there is more change. The next poll will be a short one, so be ready! I hope to make it very fun. You'll understand when you see it.

(Last thing. Sorry that I haven't been interacting much in a couple of days. I've been intentionally avoiding anything on the internet but writing a few posts for the past few days so I can get some much needed rest. I'll hopefully be back to my normal routine when I'm home later today.)


  1. That certainly was my choice...Yay!! I think it's the best! the colors, the crispness in the air, the early nightfall...just can't beat it!

  2. Interesting. Fall or spring are mine. I think I voted fall in your poll. I don't like the cold in winter and the snow really makes my commute bad.

  3. Being an artist n painter fall is the best!!Mother nature using every color in the rainbow!!I love it,I just don't like whats coming next.........

  4. I know that the poll is closed now but just had to add my two cents worth... Fall! Fall is my favourite time of year!

  5. I have voted for spring, but you should have known that I like hiking during or after raining day. The jungle looks so fresh and quiet.

  6. I like fall because the earth is warm (unlike spring) and the air is cool (unlike summer). It is also the time for harvest. I particularly enjoy the smell of fresh apples -- okay the taste too.

  7. Autumn would've been my second choice. I voted for Winter. It's fantastic walking / camping in the snow :-)

  8. Darn, my choice was summer. I love the fall colors but you can't beat the heat of summer.

  9. I love them all, of course, but voted for spring- all that LIFE just busting the seams!

    Hey, my verification word is radish! Can you believe it?

  10. I enjoy all of the seasons, each has something special to offer. I think my favorite, the one I voted for, is Spring. Everything is so fresh and new and it's time to start planting flowers.

  11. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments for the poll results. I value and read every one of them. I hope other people read them too, because it's sometimes the comments that make the post.