Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forest Fun

 ...And breath out.

What you see here today seems to be just a simple picture of the trunk of an ordinary tree. But it's much more than that. Oh so much more! Obviously there is a tree in this picture, so we can't just ignore it though, can we? This tree plays its own big part here, but there is something much more important this time.

The real subject of this post is not the tree, it's what is on the tree. You see, there is a little chipmunk clinging to the right side of this tree, hoping I don't see him and gobble him up. Of course I would never do a thing like that. In the first place, I don't think I would like the taste of chipmunk at all. And also I doubt very much that I could actually catch him anyway.

When I came across this cute little sight I was very surprised because I thought all the chipmunks had already gone underground for the year. Not because of any great knowledge of chipmunks on my part, but because I had not actually seen any for quite a number of weeks now. And a little bit of knowledge.

By the time I took this next picture, the chipmunk had decided it was at least safe enough to run for its life. It's still there; just take a closer look. There is a secret that I'm not telling you though. There are actually two chipmunks here. When I came across them they were happily chasing each other around this tree.

The one you see in the pictures just happened to notice me standing there when it was on my side of the tree. It's partner was a little quicker, so it scurried onto the other side of the tree and out of my view forever. Two chipmunks would have made a great picture, but these things very rarely happen. I'm still happy with this one chipmunk.

When this little guy finally ran behind the tree to find its partner I turned and went along my way. I thought it would be pointless to bother them further. Sometimes chasing an animal for a picture is fun, but other times, such as this one, it's much better to leave the poor little creatures in peace. They have enough problems, and I feel better by leaving them content with their escape.

Talk to you next time.

-Ratty The Kind Forest Explorer

(Hey you! Don't forget to vote in the poll. Have you ever seen a ghost? I have, and it's not always fun. But it will be this time.)

(Oh! One more thing. Sharkbytes over at My Quality Day is having a very fun contest. Find it right here. She's giving away something to the winner. She does this every once in awhile and I've won more than once. I challenge every last one of you to go there and try to beat me! I dare you! Do you have the guts to accept my challenge? Prove it! ...And let her know I sent you.)


  1. your pics are always good. Whenever I visit you make me realize just how much I miss spending time outside. It is truly beautiful.

  2. Aww, I see the chipmunk. They, along with the squirrels, have been busy in our back yard and it drives my cat crazy!

  3. Great post again! I adore chipmunks- I just wish they were wild over here- I would love to see one out and about one day. But sadly, no.
    Great pictures of those gorgeous little critters :)

  4. I have just noticed the chipmunk is so small. Out of my imagination.

    The Kind Forest Explorer! Yes, you are.

  5. It took me awhile to spot the little critter. Such a cutie.

    Our huge deluge here at my mother's has the squirrels hiding away somewhere in this area of old pecan trees. Perhaps they are snug inside, already have gathered enough nuts for the winter. I miss seeing them.

  6. Hi Ratty! Gosh, thanks for the plug. I appreciate it. I guess I made the contest too hard again, since people are declining to play. I guess I'm one of the few people who think it is actually fun to look up something new.

    I just love it when those little Chippers chase each other round and round a tree. Wouldn't it be great to catch pix of that? I bet you will beat me to it!

  7. Ratty your posts always make me long for the great outdoors. I don't get outside like I used to. I used to live outdoors! Ahh, to return to that life...


  8. Even a tree trunk is fun to look at, especially when there is a chipmunk clinging onto it!

  9. just an ordinary tree on your blog? I highly doubt that is something we will ever see :) Love the little chipmunk and how grand of him to stick around for a photo op

  10. Hey..I spotted the chipmunk straight away..I'm so proud of myself!!!...I love these little animals!

  11. You have witnessed on film what very few people ever will have the pleasure of photographing.Thanks for sharing. Have you checked your priv. messages?

  12. I'm glad you got to see those little guys Ratty. I see one or two yet when the weather is nice but they stick close to their dens now. Maybe those two of yours have a den below that tree and were just out playing for the day.. So cute!!

  13. Kindness to little critters is always making good karma.

  14. Lol, kind forest explorer!! I like that! :D