Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peaceful Walkway

One of the things that some people don't seem to understand is why would I go hiking so much. They never go anywhere except to work, shopping, or a bar. What kind of life is that? I don't understand them. They don't upset me; I just don't understand. Don't they have a sense of adventure? Isn't there more to life than TV? Many of you who read this probably understand my feelings.

Maybe I can explain why I do what I do a little bit. When I'm out walking around, surrounded by nature, there is a peacefulness that comes over me. This helps me forget all of my troubles from the normal world. I can slow the world down, and sort everything out in my mind.

There is also the matter of exercise. Walking or running for even a short time is great exercise. And breathing the fresh air is one of the best things to go along with seeing something new and unexpected. Even someone who is highly experienced will tell you these same things.

Walking isn't the only thing to do either. There are certain places I like to go when I'm out hiking. These are special places where I can stop and just quietly observe nature. I can quietly relax and let my mind slow down to a very restful pace.

The walkway in these pictures is one of these places. It's one of my newest discoveries, and it's also one of my favorite places now. The first time I saw it, I felt the need to explore it and see it up close. I explained awhile ago that it brings back childhood memories of playgrounds with fun places to walk and climb on.

After exploring every inch of this place, and walking every step, I go down the ramp to a fishing platform. I don't really care about fishing, but that's where I can stop and watch the lake. For some reason, watching a body of water can be one of the most relaxing experiences a person can have.

Sometimes even a few geese or other animals will swim by. At times they'll even come closer and attempt to entertain me with their goofy behavior. It's usually an attempt to gain a little snack, but they try their best.

These are some of the reasons I like nature. Maybe I didn't explain it enough for some people, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you try it yourself. When you go out there and truly try to find peace of mind, you'll never need an explanation from me or anyone else. It'll come to you all by itself.

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  1. OH Ratty, you've said it so well! I love your walkway too. (I spared you from the last round of awards... not that I don't think you are passionate, but I thought I'd spread the ____ around.)

  2. That is exactly why we built our log home on the lake where we live.
    All the time we have people asking us: Do you really like living way out there?
    Sure, it is about a 22 minute drive to get groceries, but it is every second worth it. In the good weather (sometimes even bad) we go down to the lake edge and just watch the lake.
    It is calming, wonderful.
    I agree with you, Ratty..I hope you can enjoy going out to nature for many, many years to come!
    (just stay away from Leprachauns and mean squirrels with guns...oh, and dragons, too!)

  3. This is a "slow" piece of writing by you, no war, no Leprachauns....
    You did a good job to explain how important the nature is to us.
    To smell the nature in the very early morning is the best way to start off a day.

  4. I live by a large area of forest reserve but never really walk around it. I just jog by the side. Maybe one day I'll do it everyday like you...

  5. Sharkbytes - I knew you would understand what I was talking about. You are one of the experienced hikers I was thinking about when I wrote it. And you're doing the awards just right.

    The Retired one - Living in a place like that sounds heavenly. The privacy alone makes it worth it. Everyone needs a place they can hide. Others don't always understand the peace of mind it can give them to be alone. A place like where you live is my ultimate goal. (I don't think I'll ever be able to get away from those fairy creatures completely.)

    Rainfield - I thought I would leave the crazy stuff behind this time. I thought it was time to share what you and I already know about nature. I'll be seeing nature in the mornings much more now that it's getting warmer here. I know, just as you say, it will be great.

    Kruel - You already understand the great feeling that jogging can give you. Add a walk through your forest preserve and you'll be happy most every day.

  6. This post made me feel fortunate to work among people (teachers!) that not only understand my walking, but whom I often meet along my path. I will add one thing though - many do NOT understand why I am against walking with else can you hear peepers and birds and children and wind and...? (P.S. I LOVE that walkway! Lucky you!)

  7. Diane KQ - Most people I know don't understand any of it. If I try to tell them about it, they think I'm either going hunting or exercising. Exercise is a benefit, but it's all about discovery. You're right, the sounds are one of the best parts. And that walkway is one of my favorite places now.