Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I Return To Sumac Pointe

Sumac Pointe is a small park for hiking, so why do I go back? I go back because it has a great view of the water. This park is actually a small peninsula. It's surrounded by water all sides but one. You can relax and watch the water here, after a long day. I'll describe it a little bit.

This time I drove around the circular driveway to the second parking area. When I got out of my car, the first thing I saw was this wooden fence. There are several places to walk to the water, but I chose the one by the fence.

Over here, all of the pathways to the edge of the lake are bordered by large trees. I like the trees. They always give me an extra sense of peace, and they do a good job of muffling any noise. You get an extra sense of solitude when you make it over to the lake, and the trees separate you from the rest of the park.

From this part of the shore there are so many things to see. In the picture you can see a dock across the lake from you. I like the way it also seems so isolated and peaceful. I wonder if there is a way I can get to it. I'm not sure who it belongs to. I'll have to go over there some time and check.

To the right of the picture is Newburgh Road. You can watch the cars go by from here. That seems like it would interrupt the peacefulness, but it doesn't. The road is far enough away, that it just adds to the atmosphere of this place.

At the part of the road closest to the dock, is the bridge where the road goes over the river. The lake is actually man made from a dam further to the west. It drains into the Rouge River at the bridge here. Sometimes when the water is really high, you can't see where the water goes under the bridge.

The trees wrap around you on the left and the right, so you can't see the other parts of the shore. It gives you and extra sense of being alone. There are picnic tables to sit on, or you can sit on the ground if you want. If you prefer, go ahead and stand. However you like to relax.

Sometimes an everyday adventure is just around the corner. You don't have to walk a great distance to get there. Sometimes walking isn't the point. Maybe you might just want to sit and look at the water.

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