Monday, October 6, 2008

The Biggest Flock Of Geese I've Ever Seen!

I went to Heritage Park yesterday, and as soon as I got there, I saw the biggest flock of geese I have ever seen! As soon as I got in the park, there they were. There were hundreds of them! None of the pictures here are a proper representation of the sheer numbers of geese I saw.

When I got past the gates, I saw them waddling around everywhere. As soon as I spotted them, I stopped the car. Then I got out and started taking pictures. I couldn't believe my luck. I didn't even expect to get any pictures of wildlife today. I really had no intention of posting any more goose pictures, but how could I pass this up?

I actually went to the park to get some pictures of some wild clematis. WiseAcre reminded me about it just the other day. Unfortunately, I couldn't find. I went to the place I thought it was before, and it was nowhere to be seen. I'll have to keep looking.

Oh, back to the geese. As you can see in the picture above, they were still coming in. The birds were literally dropping out of the sky! I had trouble before getting any pictures of birds in flight. I was on a quest for a picture of a bird in flight, and I finished that, and got my flying bird picture. Since then, just like I figured, birds have been flying all around me. Once my quest was conquered, it's been easy.

Once I was finished taking pictures off to the right in the larger area, I focused my attention to the left of the road I was on. Like I said, they were everywhere. I don't think there was enough room for them on just one side of the road. They were covering several acres of land.

Finally, I decided to get back in the car and move on. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I was looking right into the sun. It was really hard to get any pictures from this angle, so I decided to go to the parking area and walk back from the other side.

As I walked back to the flock, I wondered if I would have time to get more pictures before they all flew away. As I began to walk past the first few stragglers on the other side of the hill, I quickly found out I had no need to worry.

The land all around was covered in goose droppings. Apparently they had been here for some time, and weren't leaving anytime soon. You would think a goose would leave small droppings, but no. They're the same size as from a middle sized dog. And it was everywhere!

As I began to write this sentence, I discovered that geese are a huge problem here in Michigan, because of their droppings and a few other things. Here's a link to the Michigan DNR story about it. It says that they have had to shut down whole beaches because of the geese and their droppings. Remembering that walk over the hill, I understand why. I didn't think to get a picture, and I'm not sure anyone would want to see it anyway.

Anyway, back to some less disgusting stuff. When I got over the hill, I saw the flock spread out in front of me. I couldn't see all of the geese because of the folds of the land. This last picture reflects that. You can see a lot of geese, but I was just not able to capture the sheer numbers of geese on film. It's something you'd have to see for yourself. I was standing on the edges of the flock, and I had no intention of moving in closer. Geese can get mean, and I didn't want to die.

I watched these geese having one big goose convention. It looked like the goose party of the century to me. These geese were dancing around, hopping up in the air, and playing all over the place. Fights were breaking out in various places, and some were chasing each other around. It took a while, but they started to quiet down and settle in.

I had as many pictures as I wanted, so I went on to find the next part of my everyday adventure. I sure have had a lot of animal pictures lately. I wonder what's next!

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