Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Internet Problems And The Solution

No pictures this time because I'm having terrible internet issues. My internet connection is so unstable that it's almost unusable. I called the service provider and they told me my whole setup is old and needs to be updated. They've been getting reports like mine from most of the users of my particular equipment.

I had to order a new router on Amazon to replace my old equipment. It will get here in a few days. Once it gets here I can then set up an appointment for the service provider to hook that and the other new stuff up. Hopefully, then I can get everything back up and running normally.

I also received some very good news from my service provider. My current internet is only DHL, which is very slow. They informed me that we here in this part of rural Iowa are getting switched to fiber-optic broadband high-speed internet in this area within the year.

So I set up another appointment for them to come out and survey my property to get the fiber-optic stuff ready for me. I'll finally be back to the internet speeds of the rest of the civilized world. I can't wait!

That's about it for this post. I just needed to share this news while I could get on here. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Nothing more frustrating than slow internet connections. Glad you'll be up and running soon.

  2. Ugh. How frustrating! I hope they get you back up and running...and with an updated service SOON! Happy New Year, Ratty!

  3. I hope everything goes like they say it will with your internet, and you up posting again soon!

  4. Hope that all goes well for you, Ratty. Slow internet is terribly annoying to us today. In the early days we were thrilled that it even worked. Best wishes for 2020.

  5. Hi Ratty...glad you're going to get your internet sorted can be such a pain...but it has it's good points and I'm looking forward to you getting yours sorted so I can see some photos from you.