Friday, July 7, 2017

Big Country Wildflowers

Driving out in the country, I found these big clumps of wildflowers in many places by the side of the road. These are the ones I decided to stop and get pictures of. I don't know why I didn't stop for some of the others, some of which were better, but these are what I got this time. Some decisions don't always make sense.

I think I liked this picture because of the entranceway that was beside the flowers. While maybe none of my pictures are masterpieces, I do like the way this one looks. I sometimes think I don't have much of an eye for beauty, but I think I do get lucky with my pictures sometimes.

Maybe these supposed wildflowers are really just weeds, but they look like flowers to me. I'm not really sure who decides between flowers and weeds or even if there is a scientific method to determine the answer, but I've decided they're flowers. So there.

I found these wonderful flowers just by driving around out in the country. You can find lots of good things by doing that if you're lucky to live close enough to the country. Try it some time. If nothing else, you might get to see a few cows wandering a field. That's good too. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Native or nonnative I classify them by

  2. It doesn't matter how they are classified as long as you like them. Great photos.

  3. All plants are beautiful. They're only weeds to some humans.

  4. I say if it looks like a flower then it's a flower

  5. Oh sorry, have not talked to you for a long time.
    Life does need motivation.
    Everything is beautiful if we think it is beautiful.

  6. Hi there, thanks for stopping in for a visit! I live in a big city now but use to be able to go out in the country and it is indeed a pleasure.

  7. A weed is just a wildflower growing in the wrong place. These are in the right place, therefore they are beautiful flowers! (I would have enjoyed yard work more, back when we owned a house with a yard and garden if I could have believed the dandelions were flowers)!

    I think you have a great eye for beauty and what's interesting. I don't know if I do , but I take so many pictures a few of them are bound to look ok. It's just a matter of being in the right places at the right time.