Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Fun Deer Encounter

I haven't been able to get out much to get any new material to post so I decided to use some good older pictures of mine and write a new post about the memory. Maybe I'm a little rusty from not writing in so long, but I'm excited to get back here. And maybe I can get out for some new stuff soon.

I remember how excited I was when I first spotted this big guy at the front of my favorite old nature park. I was just leaving when I spotted him lying there to my right. He didn't have the biggest rack of antlers, but he was a big deer, the biggest I had ever seen up to that point.

I remember telling myself to appear calm and move slowly so I wouldn't frighten him away. I was excellent at keeping deer calm back then. Some of them even approached me out of curiosity. They ran from almost anybody else. This one didn't mind me at all. I got lots of pictures.

After my initial bunch of pictures I decided to move on and give the big boy some peace. As I moved up the trail I looked back and noticed that I could get more pictures from a different angle. So I stopped and began to do just that. There was one problem though.

It was right as I was about to take the first of my new pictures that another guy came walking up the trail from where I had come. As soon as the deer saw this new person it jumped right up and prepared to run. See what I mean about other people and deer? It was just mostly about the way I moved back then around wild animals. They never felt threatened by me.

It took no time before the deer lifted its tail in fright and ran off into the thick brush and trees and was never seen again by me. You may notice when the deer was clearly frightened that he never looked my way. He only looked toward the threat. And I was every bit as close as the other person.

My point here isn't to brag that I'm wonderful with animals. It's just to point out that you can put them at ease by adjusting your body language just a bit. I haven't been able to do this for the past few years because I haven't had these types of encounters. But I just know I could do just as well with these country deer too. It'll happen one day. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Old photos are good :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you

  2. oooh we are on the same page today!! i love the close-up of the fluffy white tail!!

    the deer i see always seem more curious than afraid but that's just my own interpretation. and it could be that's what i want it to be!!

    if i don't see you again, happy thanksgiving!!

  3. during rut this month is a good time to find them at sunrise

  4. You got some awesome photos of that big guy!

  5. When I first read your post title I was hoping your deer encounter wasn't while you were driving. I've been seeing a lot lately that run out in front of me when I'm going down the road.
    I like going through the archives and using old photos when I don't have anything new for a post

  6. Sharing body languages with deer is an exciting experience.
    Sharing thought with mushrooms gives the same experience.

  7. Nice pix, Ratty. I had a similar experience with a young buck. It was fun to "interact" with him.

  8. Oh, wow. That was an interesting encounter. Sounds like you have a peaceful demeanor and they don't view you as a threat. Bummer that he got spooked, I would have wondered what happened if he didn't.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ratty.

  9. That's a handsome buck! I see mostly does around here. Once in a while a buck will show up.

  10. I actually really like the last photo Ratty!!
    I agree with you about your approach to animals and how you hold yourself. You just have to remember to approach them in an open and non threatening manner.

  11. You are bilingual -- fluent in the language of deer as well as people! A great lesson for all of us who enjoy wildlife watching. (I need more practice.)