Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back To The Squirrels

A good thing about living in the country is that there are more wild animals up close. The squirrel in my pictures lives in a tree in my own backyard. I've been watching this little fella for several days, promising myself that I'd get some pictures of him. And now I have them!

The surprising thing about this was that my dog was standing out there looking at the squirrel too. I figured that she'd scare away any wildlife that came near, but I've still been seeing plenty. This squirrel knew we were there, but he didn't mid at all.

I've seen other creatures on the property here. While I was emptying a trailer full of wood I found a little green frog in the pile. I tossed the little critter out onto the ground so he wouldn't be hurt. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me.

The wood in the trailer was for the wood stove I use for heat. My dad built the stove so that none of the smoke could get in the house, but the heat comes in very nicely. It was an ingenious invention. My dad could build just about anything. He never realized just how intelligent he was.

My only problem is that I can't carry very much wood around at a time because my head is so messed up from the car accident I was in a year ago. I get dizzy and sick after only about five or ten minutes of any physical labor. That makes anything I try to do take a very long time. After all this time, I think I'll never recover from that accident. I'm just glad I have a nice quiet place to be right now.

Oh, back to the critters! I've also seen a few garter snakes on the property. I shoo them away whenever I see them. A lot of people would automatically kill any snake, but garter snakes are mostly harmless so I am as kind as I can be to them.

I think I'm going to have to learn about other snakes that live in the area. I'm not in Michigan anymore, and I've heard there are venomous snakes around here. I'll need to recognize those when I see them. I'd rather only see things like my little squirrel friend.

And there he goes! My little squirrel decided that he'd had enough of the extra attention we were giving him, so he went running down the tree to a more secluded place to scratch himself. And it's also time for me to go too. But don't worry, there will be no scratching involved.

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  1. It's kind of fun to see the animals that live in other places, don't you think? I know that we like to see the bugs and birds in places that we go on vacation. It's funny how everybody has different life around them.

    Don't get discouraged, Ratty. You have to take things slowly for awhile. You can't take a jolt like you did and expect the old brain to bounce back so quickly. Be patient with yourself. :) ((hugs))

    Oh--I like your squirrel friend!

  2. great photos.Your dad sounds like he was a really great guy to have around when it came to solving a problem.

  3. You need time to recover Ratty. The loss of your Dad will have knocked you back a good bit too.
    Great photos.

  4. Looks like you will enjoy the critters in your new surroundings, and I'll bet you will really enjoy that stove in the winter! There's nothing better!

  5. That's a very pretty squirrel! We don't get snakes around here - just lizards. There are rattlesnakes in the hills, but they have never come down this far... at least not yet. Garter snakes are good garden friends - they eat pests. And I have it on good word from other kitties that they are also pretty tasty!

    P.S. I'm glad you liked my human's short story - I thought you might. ;-)

  6. So you moved for good now? I hope you are happy and settling nicely in your new surroundings. If you can't do too much labor all at once, then do a little at a time, and allow yourself time to rest. I have to it this way too or else I would be a gonner!

    Take care Ratty!

  7. just go ahead if you need some scratching.The squirrel can be a good inspiration.

    Hope that you will be as quick, as happy, as a squirrel soon.

  8. it seems to me that where you are now is a good place for you to spend some time recuperating

  9. You want some grey squirrels to keep your red one company?
    Wishing you well!

  10. I'm glad you have some squirrels real close now Ratty. They sure are entertaining. You got some good pics of that one! Soon he'll be peeking in your windows..ha! Take care and be careful that you don't over do.

  11. I think you are just a squirrel magnet! Glad you are finding some wildlife, but I'm so sorry about your head.

  12. Sharkbytes is right you are a squirrel magnet. I wouldn't be surprised if some followed you over from Michigan. I can see them hitchiking along the highway with a sign "Ratty's or bust!"

  13. One should realize that, wherever Ratty goes, there are bound to be squirrels. Your neighbor squirrel is so cute.