Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Revenge Of Flynn

I just had the strangest adventure of all time! I was on a routine hike through the forest, at least I thought so at the time. Then I saw a squirrel in the distance of the forest. Well, I figured I hadn't had any good squirrel pictures to share in quite awhile so I stood still hoping for the right opportunity. That's when the weirdness started!

The squirrel turned and looked at me, so I thought my hopes of getting the picture had been ruined. But that's when it happened. That crazy squirrel came running straight for me! I had no idea what to do! And I equally had no idea what this squirrel was going to do! Why was it after me!!!

I then remembered that if an animal was running towards me that I should stand my ground. Running away would be a bad thing. So I waited right there to see what my new adversary might do. He obviously was coming for me though, so I had second thoughts about not running. But when he got close enough to pounce on me, he suddenly climbed up on a fallen branch and held up his front paws! He was holding something very odd!

Click To Enlarge
I thought at first that he was offering this odd silver object to me, but he held it up and close to him. What was that thing? Then as he looked right at me, pointing that little silver thing towards me, he began to chuckle in a high pitched little squirrely voice. Oh no! He was a demon sent to kill me!!!

To my surprise I heard him say in that very strange high pitched voice, "Hold still now..." Then there was a sudden clicking sound and a bright flash of light from that silver thing, and I was momentarily blinded! Oh lord help me, I've been shot! ...Oh wait, I felt just fine, but there were still bright spots of color in front of my eyes.

When my sight returned I saw that strange fox squirrel trotting leisurely away into the forest. I called out to him, asking who he was. He paused and looked back at me, and said, "Flynn, simply Flynn." Then he ran off farther into the forest, and was gone.

That was a name I knew from the past. That little rascal Flynn had gotten his revenge. I remember taking a few pictures of him nearly a year ago, while he stood there bragging about riding dogs and rescuing damsels from certain death. I never mentioned his power of speech, in fear of being thought crazy. Nah, nobody would ever think that.

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  1. Ha! That is funny Ratty, love the shot of Flynn and his camera. I am sure some of my little squirrel buddies would love to get the same revenge. I did have one follow me around the other day, maybe....

    As for their power of speech, I'm not telling!

    Great post Ratty.

  2. Oh Ratty, the second photo is just priceless! Funny and a great post on a rainy day here.

  3. Ha! Ha! This post is so cute!! Good job Ratty! Did you put that camera in his hands yourself?? You are such a great story teller. What a great way to start my day. Thanks!

  4. That evil squirrel has blinded you momentarily. You lost to a small critter.

    You must take your revenge, and then Flynn come back.

    And the cycle goes on.

  5. Ratty, I believe Flynn have his own photo blog that write story about his daily encounter with humans or human in the giant rat suit..

    I try to search for it with google..

  6. both the shots are nice... i liked the second one more...may be because of the pose.. \thanks for sharing :)

  7. I thought that looked like a rather odd acorn that Flynn was holding. I had to enlarge to see just what it was. That is just too funny. I wonder now if Flynn has a blog where we might see his photos posted....lol

  8. Wow! You have some incredible animals that you run into! I'd love to see his photos!

  9. LOL! Maybe when I get sick of my human taking photos of me, I should do the same and start shooting her! Especially when she's wearing no make up - that'll teach her!

  10. What an amazing story, and it's interesting the beings we come across again. It's nice that the connection was made present between the two of you, even if it may have not looked like for the better. I'm sure an experience was gained nonetheless, and a lesson learnt underneath. Keep well.

  11. Ratty, you crack me up!!!!! No wonder the squirrels love you, you are a NUT!!!

  12. Sometimes I do worry about you, spending so much time alone in the woods with bugs, rodents, birds and the like. I'm sure you must be on wanted posters now, throughout your realm, warning critters to be on the lookout for that armed man.