Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nature Trails

Nature TrailHi to anyone seeing this. This is my first post. In upcoming posts, I will look at nature trails and show locations of a few of my favorites. Nature trails are some of the best free adventures you can find. As time goes on I will show different places to see, and the writing will get better. Any comments are of course welcome.


  1. I stayed to the very end or should I say beginning. Thanks for the Everyday Adventures. I'll be back looking for more.

    Just to make sure I'll add you to my blog roll. No need to add me to yours so don't feel like you should.

  2. Thanks Wiseacre. Even though I'm piling up the posts, I'm still learning everything. I'm just beginning my understanding of blog rolls, so I don't even have one yet. But as soon as I do, you're the first one I'll add. Your site has been very helpful to me, and so have you. Thanks.