Sunday, April 14, 2019

Delilah And Her New Toy

Delilah finally made her last trip to the vet for a while. She had her spay stitches taken out. I held her front paws up while the vet removed the stitches. It was easy and fast. It seemed like it was done before it started.

Delilah was much better in the truck. But on the truck ride home, she had a little accident on the tarp she had to ride on. I still haven't had a chance to train her to ride better. That will start soon, even though I think she'll get better with age anyway.

I keep Isabella's old toys out in the garage. Every once-in-awhile I bring in a couple of them for Delilah. This time I brought her a squeaky pink pig toy.

Delilah ran back and forth as happy as can be for the rest of the day. I thought it was a good way to transition her from the idea of the vet trip. I think it worked very well.

I don't know how well you can see it in these blurry pictures, but Delilah is growing fast. Her face is changing from that of a puppy to an adult dog. It's about halfway through. I think she looks a great deal different than when I got her.

She is also a lot bigger than she was when I got her. It's hard to see it in the pictures, but she has very long legs and big feet. And her ears still seem very over-sized, so she still has quite a bit of growing to do.

It's difficult to get much better than blurry pictures of her right now. She's always moving. So I figure the blurry ones are fun anyway. This last one was in mid-leap right at me with a running start. I was prepared this time.

I'm thinking of going on a few trips to nature parks without Delilah pretty soon. I can't take her for rides yet, but I want to go on a few hikes. We'll see what I can do when I have the time. It should warm back up pretty soon. And hopefully, the flooding doesn't get worse.

They've been saying that this is going to be one of the worst years for flooding in this area. The roads have been closed twice already. That's supposed to be a common event for a while. I'll just have to live with it. I'll talk to you later.


  1. She is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing...blurry or not!

  2. I hope you don’t get any flooding. It appears extremes of weather are common place now.

  3. She's just a bundle of energy. That's how Gibbs used to be. He still is sometimes but he's calmed down a little over the years

  4. Your shots remind me of my Labrador, Molly. She was so active I never got a clear shot of her until she was 8 or 9 years old.

  5. pretty funny, not the accident Delilah. take her in the kennel for a few times

    1. Good idea. I'm going to look into a little bit smaller one for rides.

  6. Delilah is definitely growing up! I hope you don't get as much flooding as they are predicting.

  7. Such joyous photos of Delilah...I often think the blurry action shots are the best. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in such a short time...its amazing how quick they grow up physically if not mentally.Glad all went well at the vets.