Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Fun Bison Encounter

I have a herd of bison to share with you today. There are pictures and a video that shows what I found on my newest adventure. These bison are the completely wild ones from Broken Kettle Grasslands that I've shown you before. But I think maybe I have better pictures this time.

The bison have been coming up kind of close recently so I've been able to get pretty good pictures. I feel lucky about this because most people that drive that road never see them at all. Most people don't even know the road is there because it's just an old unremarkable dirt road in the country.

Here's on that was standing off a little by itself. I thought you might like a good close-up of just one.

This picture shows you what I saw while I was standing there looking at them. You can see they weren't very close, but I could see them pretty well. I'm glad I have a good zoom on my camera.

Notice there is a pond separating them from me. That pond might be the reason they've been coming down to this area of the grasslands. There are other ponds in their home, but maybe they just like this one right now.

If you look closely you can see a couple of the bison hiding in the tall grass. There were lots more standing in that grass. It was kind of hard to find them all. Every time I looked again I'd find another one.

The herd is kind of big. You can't really tell that from the pictures. I think the video does a little better job of that.

I did a little better job with this episode of Rat TV than the last one. This video is the second one where I used the Windows 10 Photos app to create it. This time I added a little special effect. Can you spot it?

If you like bison then you'll like this video. As you can see by the pictures, there are plenty of them here.

Since I've been a little slow with my blogging recently my words here are a bit clumsy. I'll be getting back into things now that fall is over. I wish I could solve that fall thing I have. But it's too late to try again this year, so I'm just going to enjoy the winter.

I've been out a bit more lately so I have plenty of material to share with you now. I'll have more on that in my next post. And I now have a good reason to go out to some good places to explore a bit more, so I'll have lots of good stuff in the future. I'll bring that all to you soon. And until then I'll talk to you later.


  1. WOW! I love bison..they are such amazing creatures. I'm glad that you have the water between you...those guys, while really large, can move quickly. Be safe and don't get too close! The video is great--who knew you had so many butterflies there this time of year?! ;)

  2. That is a big herd, Ratty. I liked the video. Butterflies are an interesting effect. Welcome back.

  3. they hide so well there, hard to find some times

  4. How fun to watch them. Are the butterflies the special effect you added or were there really that many flying around?

    1. These were just a special effect I was playing with. It kind of messed up the video, but maybe I'll show the clean one some time later.

  5. This was fun. Of course I've seen bison, but we don't have wild ones here.

  6. My eyes have not witnessed the beauty of the wild bison for years. It must be time for me to wander west. You are so lucky to have witnessed this. You are blessed!