Friday, July 14, 2017

Wonderful Common Milkweed

This vicious looking fanged plant is much more gentle than it looks in this closeup. This is what is called Common Milkweed. I have always liked milkweed for the pods it grows later on. But I have come to like it even more for these flowers that look like fanged monsters.

What milkweed plants are really known for is their wonderful ability to attract butterflies. I have some pictures of that which I'll have to share with you one of these other times. But right now this plant alone is the best subject in the world because I like it so much all by itself.

It's difficult to see with all of the green everywhere in the picture, but if you look kind of closely you can see the milkweed plant growing right there in the middle of the picture among all of that grass.

All I have to do to see common milkweed around here is drive around an old dirt road in the country. It grows along the roadsides just about everywhere here. It seems to like the extra sunlight areas very much.

Her above you can see a good cluster of the flowers and buds. The Common milkweed is a pink color, but there are other kinds, with other colors. I'll show some of them to you another time. I like them too.

You can see these when you're driving along the road because of the big wide leaves. Every time I see those leaves from my truck I slow down to see if it's a good plant for some pictures. I don't always pick the prettiest plants. I pick the ones that capture my interest.

This last one was reaching out to the road for even more sun. It was just begging for me to stop and say hi. It was things like these plants being so plentiful that made it hard for me to adjust to nature around here.

Where I lived before nature was a rare thing. Now it is everywhere here. For a couple of years, I had trouble with the concept of so much nature around me. It was almost as if it was too much in my own mind. My brain kind of overloaded. It took me a little time to adjust to this different world of nature being an everyday thing.

Now I'm back to seeking out the true beauty of nature. It may not be the obvious beauty that you think of, but I share the things that make the natural world around us special. These are mostly the everyday things you can find yourself right out your back door if you look for them. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Interesting post. A unique and pretty flower so important to butterflies. That makes it priceless really!

  2. I think the everyday things in nature are sometimes the most interesting.

  3. I like the sweet scent of milkweed bloom

  4. Everything in the Nature is equally amazing.

    Especially when Alice started to say about it.

  5. milkweed is really kind of a miracle plant and it is a shame that some people still pull it out when they see it. Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you learned to become one with nature ;>) and that you share it with all of us!!