Monday, July 10, 2017

Scenes From Broken Kettle Grasslands

I have some good scenery from Broken Kettle Grasslands for you today because I think you'll like to see it. I like looking at it so I think you'll like it too. Even so, there's nothing like being there yourself. You should also find a good nature place near you to visit.

See that helicopter in the top right of the picture above? You might have to click on the picture to see it better. You may have already guessed that it's not really a helicopter. It's a really a dragonfly. There were lots of them flying around when I took this picture. Fun stuff.

Here's a zoomed out view of a soybean field with the Loess Hills in the background. The Loess Hills here don't look as impressive in my pictures as they do in real life. I can't figure out why that happens.

This place in my first two pictures isn't really part of Broken Kettle Grasslands. It's right on the edge of that place. But I take pictures here every time I pass. I just like the look of this particular place so much for some reason.

And finally, we get to Broken Kettle. You can see fence posts in the front. This fence is electrified, and it's there to keep the bison from getting out and roaming the highways. A car might not do very well in a fight with one of these huge animals.

I noticed the electric tower in the background after reviewing my pictures. It seems out of place in this place of nature at first, but it also makes the picture slightly more interesting. These towers hold up the power lines that supply electricity to the surrounding area.

This last one is from the top of the Loess Hills at Broken Kettle. The green in the distance is the tops of trees. A picture makes it difficult to see height in a picture for some reason, but these hills are very high up there.

If you want to see more scenery from Broken Kettle Grasslands I have several other posts that show similar scenes. Some are better and some are not. But I have them. But this is the end of what I have today. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Such beautiful countryside to explore, Ratty.

  2. awww, so nice to get out under a blue sky

  3. It's so pretty ... how did the area get that name? Has to be a story there. I love seeing dragonflies, but can never get a picture of them hovering or landed.

    1. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find out how the name came about.

  4. What a lovely area! Right now it's too hot for my human to go wandering at Griffith Park or some other nearby nature park.

  5. That first one you got a dragonfly too

  6. Wow that dragonfly really does look like a helicopter. Nice place, such a great view