Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wildflowers And Stuff

I have some slightly strange stuff to tell you today. Then again, all my stories are slightly strange. So I guess I have some normal stuff to tell you. Maybe it'll still be interesting. Let's see.

I'm a day later than I had planned with this post. The reason is only because I was just randomly distracted by stupid stuff. I warned you about that kind of thing a couple of posts ago. Still, a few posts a week is much better than a few posts a month.

As you can see, I have some wildflowers to show you today. This time I do know what they are, but I don't think I'm going to share that information. I'm going to let those of you who are interested find out for yourselves. A quick image search on Bing or Google will reveal all. Just type in a description. It'll be fun.

Sharing your findings in the comments section might be helpful to anyone who can't quite figure it out. Make a game of it. We all love games. and it'll make you very popular. I've actually seen a couple of other posts on other blogs with the lavender colored flowers, complete with the name. Those bloggers visit here, and I know they know the answers.

I'm still taking my morning town walks. That's how I found these flowers. I wish I could say I've been to a nature park already, but I haven't yet. I'll tell you all about why I haven't really been anywhere yet.

I was driving around last week when I found out the brake lights were out on my truck. It was the left one and the middle one. I replaced the one on the right last year. And when I say I replaced it, I mean I had to replace the whole fixture, not just a bulb. The plastic on the connections on these lights seems to melt after a few years, so the whole thing goes bad.
So I have now replaced all five lights, including lenses, on my truck. I had to replace the headlights last month because the lenses had become so cloudy that ther light wouldn't shine through. But now they are all good, and the truck was mostly ready. But I had one more thing to do.

The only problem left was the weather is getting hot and I had no air conditioning in the truck. So I went to work on the truck again. After a little bit of reading, I fixed the air conditioning. It was the first time I ever did that on any vehicle, and I'm kind of proud of myself right now. The air conditioning now works great.

So now I'm finally ready to go to any of the local nature parks. All I have to do is choose a good day to go. I wish I could go every day like I used to, but there is just too much other stuff to do right now. I'll try to go at least a few times a week though.

And now I come to the end of my thoughts. I always say that it's hard for me to talk about flowers, and this was no exception. I kind of weaseled my way out of it in the end, didn't I? But I did have a nice goofy story for you anyway. So that's something. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Those ARE pretty flowers! And my human says you saved yourself a boatload of money by fixing the air conditioning yourself.

  2. Great job on the air conditioner. It must have been costly to replace all those lights.

    Such pretty wild flowers!

  3. I'm bad at identifying flowers so I hae no idea what these are but they are pretty. Good job on fixing your AC

  4. Well, I am impressed that you fixed the air conditioner and replaced all those lights! AND you posted some really nice photos of flowers!

  5. Nice to find what catches you eye.A good time of year to find something new always