Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bacon Creek Park

I promised that I was going to get back out to the nature parks this month, and so here I am. I found a brand new park, at least for me, called Bacon Creek Park. I found this park with an app on my phone called Alltrails. Wonderful app. It's showing me lots of new places to explore.

Bacon Creek Park is located in the eastern part of Sioux City, not far from where my aunt lives. In fact, I showed her a couple of my new pictures and she told me that she goes here all the time. I should have known. She seems to know just about everything about the Sioux City area.

Anyway, when I got here I instantly knew it was a very good place. The first thing I saw was this big lake. It's only my first visit, so I haven't seen a creek yet. The lake kind of dominates the park at first look.

This was my first visit to this place so I didn't do any serious exploring yet. On the first visit to a place I always just do a little bit of scouting to see if I like it. The verdict for this place is that I love it already. The lake is a big plus. It has plenty of trees, which is a requirement for me. And there are lots of trails.

I'll show you some of the trails in the near future. I did try some out. I couldn't go too far because I had my dog with me. Knowing I wouldn't adventure too far, I thought she'd enjoy the look at the new park. She got to poke around a bit and I got to do my scouting. It worked out well.

The only wildlife I saw this first time was a few geese on the other side of the lake. I tried to take a few pictures of them, but all that came out were a few blurry dots. The zoom on my phone is actually better than I thought, but it wasn't good enough for the geese.

I eventually sat on a bench and just watched the lake for awhile. The dog liked this part the most. She didn't even care about the few people that passed by. Watching a body of water is always relaxing. Try it if you haven't already.

I'll be back next time with either more from this place or another park. I have plans for more adventures very soon. These nature parks are always fun and relaxing for me. Let's see what cool stuff I can find in the future. I'll talk to you later.


  1. What a lovely nature park. I'll have to let my human know about the Alltrails app.

  2. Lots of possibilities for exploration there, Ratty

  3. Nice looking park. I'll have to check out that app