Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Sad Turkey Story

I have a sad story to tell you about this wild turkey in my pictures. My brother was visiting me from Michigan recently. We were driving around Sioux City looking around when we saw this turkey on the road. It was behaving very strangely, wandering around aimlessly.

We stopped to let the turkey get to where it was going, but it didn't move out of the way like animals usually do. Other cars behind us passed us on the left not knowing there was a turkey there stopping us. We kind of assumed the turkey was just being stubborn. We just weren't sure what was going on with the bird.

After awhile the turkey moved to the side of our vehicle and we went along our way. When we got down the road just a short distance we heard the blare of a car horn behind us. A car behind us wasn't quite so patient with the bird as we were. We both shook our heads and kept moving.

After we went a few places and quite some time had passed, we came back this way where we saw the turkey before. I had forgotten all about the strange bird. But as we passed near the spot from before, my brother told me he saw a dead turkey lying on the side of the road. It had to be the same one.

I don't know what happened to this turkey because it could have been a couple of things. Either it was sick, which is why it was acting so strangely. Or some careless driver either accidentally or on purpose ran it over. Now just thinking about the poor bird makes me sad.

At least the turkey won't just be forgotten. I have these pictures to remember it forever. Something else to always remember is that nature isn't always fun and happy. I'll talk to you later about something happy because we'd all rather be happy now.


  1. Strange behaviour for sure. I can't imagine living with wild turkeys in the area. It would be interesting to see them in the wild!

  2. Oh that is sad. I always hate seeing wild animals dead on the side of the road

  3. You are right it is sad story...

  4. Sounds like it was old or sick. I hope that it died quickly and a person was not responsible for its death.

    We saw a little turtle on the road once and we turned around to move it out of the road...but as we got closer, we witnessed a car running it over. We were all traumatized.