Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things I Found On The Nature Trail

I'm a little later than I intended with this post because of multiple doctor visits, but I have lots of enjoyable pictures for you. My new policy is that sometimes extra pictures are fine as long as I don't talk to much if I can help it. So I'm going to show you some things I found on the trail at my little nature park.

I found lots of wildflowers, which were kind of unexpected for me because I haven't really seen any before this. I guess you start to really see things when you actually take the time to visit a place more than once, or even multiple times.

There are small patches of  wildflowers scattered all over the park. I was going to do a post with just the flowers, but I decided to expand it a little.

Here's that expansion I mentioned. I would have made a full post about this little bird if I had actually gotten a good picture, but this is the best I could do. I'm extremely out of practice getting pictures of moving animals. At one time I would have been able to brag about the excellent pictures I got and how hard it was to get them. Now I got this one, and it's at least a start to getting the good ones again.

I used to know the name of this flower, but just like the other flowers in my post I have unfortunately forgotten names of flowers over the past several years of seeing nothing. With the proper motivation I may regain at least some of my knowledge eventually.

Helicopter plant! Of course that's not its real name, which I don't know. I just like finding these seed pods on the ground and throwing them up into the air and watching them twirl down around me.

And now we come to the end of the pictures. See, I didn't talk too much, I think. I did get what I needed to say out of the way though. I'll try to keep the number of pictures down a little next time, but who knows what might happen.

I haven't been getting to my little nature park quite as often as I've been hoping. Things like doctor visits, other trips to town, and bad weather seem to be conspiring against me. But I'm still getting my fair share of nature visits. I'm becoming somewhat familiar with the park, which has been my goal. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Some fun specimens. The sunflower family is big and I like to examine them closer to ID them. With your blue flower the first thing to examine is feel the stalk. All mint family have a square stalk.

  2. How delightful to see all of these beautiful things on your trail!

    Remembering the names of flowers and birds have always been difficult for me too :)

  3. I love how that little bird was mooning you! :) Lovely flower photos today too.

  4. the bright brown-eyed susans are lovely, and the bird is identifiable as a wren, so it's still a good shot! :)

  5. Love all your wildflower finds.

  6. pretty shots. I'm so wishing I was still in the mountains of NC

  7. I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty wildflower pictures.

  8. Ending my every day by visiting hospital. My mom is admitted to hospital.
    Looking at your flowers and greens is refreshing.

    1. I hope your mom gets well very soon.

  9. Hi Ratty....I totally agree about seeing more the more you visit! I for one don't need to know the names of everything to enjoy the beautiful pictures. Hope you are feeling well and look forward to sharing more of your walks.

  10. oh, those are beautiful finds, flowers always seem to brighten my day especially if I find them in the trail

  11. You posted flowers of my two favorite colors...yelow and purple. As much as I hinted all my life ( to my three sons ) that I loved yellow roses with purple irises, I seldom got them. I often received bouquets with the proper colors but not the proper flowers...oh well, one must appreciate whatever one gets, right?