Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strange Flowers Of Spring?

I'm back again with something that's sort of new to me, and sort of old. These weird flower type things are growing towards the top of a very tall tree. I saw them last year at this time too, in that same tree, but I had a less powerful zoom lens back then. So they were left forgotten, with maybe a few bad pictures.

The really funny thing about the pictures today is that I forgot I had taken them. In fact, I had forgotten I had even been out there. It was only a few days ago. So I was assuming that whole time that I had nothing to bring you. My real problem since my car accident and bump on the head is that I forget so many things very easily.

The few times I've been back to posting more often has always ended so far because my memory looses its grip on what I was doing. As you've seen, I can go days or even weeks without a new post. I still like writing this stuff, but it is still hard for me. The good thing is that as bad as I just made it sound I have actually improved quite a bit, so I know there will be a day when I'm back to normal. But let's get back to these strange flowers.

As soon as I saw these up in the tree I remembered seeing them last year. What I actually saw were these little white gleams up high in the trees. I wasn't really even sure that I would be able to get good pictures this time, but my camera was able to zoom right into them. You don't know how happy I was at the time.

The funny thing is that what I was really looking for when I spotted these things was birds. The animals are coming back out! I heard birds all through the forest that day when I got these. And there were even some squirrels screeching and yapping throughout the forest. All of those cool animal sounds made me extremely excited about the coming spring.

And I want to say again for all of you doubters, SPRING WILL BE HERE IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!! As a matter of fact, I will even go so far as to say it will be here in less than two weeks. So your still not convinced of my awesome predictive powers? Just to prove it to all of you I will predict it down to the very day! Spring will arrive on March 20 2011, 7:21 P.M. EDT. How's that?

I had many of you fooled, didn't I? Now if you check it out for yourself you know why I seemed so sure about it before. Besides, my local temperatures are about to go up by 10 degrees on average every day. Spring is coming. All of our snow will melt. The animals will come back out. And they will play baseball. Go Tigers!

So are these strange flower looking things the first flowers of spring? I doubt it. I'm not sure they're really even flowers. I tried looking them up in a little field guide to trees that I have, but I found nothing. Maybe it's the guide. Maybe it's me. That's why I feel more confident looking my stuff up on the web. There's not much about trees there either.

Oh, a couple of things before I go. I finally remembered to finish my next story over on my Rat Tales blog! For any of you who like amateurish horror, you'll find that my rat tales are a tasty treat. The other thing is that Nature Center Magazine has undergone a redesign. This news is a few days old but it's still news. We get quite a bit more visits through search engines there than through blogs. And I'm proud of the new look. I designed it myself!  :)

See you next time!

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  1. Beautiful flowers but I don't have a clue as to what they are! I'm trying to figure it out. I'm thinking it might be an ornamental or something we don't have in New England. I'll keep trying.

    Your memory will improve. Don't feel bad the other day I was looking everywhere for my shoes only to discover, five minutes later, that I was wearing them. EGAD!

  2. Hard to tell what they are. Rattyshouldtellus perhaps.They almost seem to be a magnolia, perhaps a tulip popular.

  3. I've never seen flowers like those before especially not in a tree. What a mystery. You are quite clever with your prediction of spring's arrival. Spring will come according to the calendar right on schedule :) Lets just hope the weather looks at the calendar

  4. They are pretty flowers,,if that's what they are. If ever you find out you will have to let us know!!

    Oh and I'm loving Nature centre magazines make over.. :-)

  5. Haha...

    I have to keep reminding you still have a friend in Malaysia after the car accident.

  6. @Bill
    I keep thinking I should know what these flowers are, but maybe it's just because they look familiar because I saw them last year. I'm not even convinced they are really flowers, but I don't know what else they could be.

    @Out on the prairie
    I'll check out magnolias and tulip populars. Maybe they'll give me a clue. I'm just not good with trees or most other plants yet though.

    I knew when I first predicted the coming spring it would throw people off a bit. I had my evil grin on the whole time.

    I will definitely share it if I find out what they are. Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable tree people around here will know first.

    After having you as a friend here in the blogging world for so long, Malaysia has now become one of my very favorite places in the world.

  7. wow, they are so lovely, strange they may be but very beautiful, I am happy to feel the happy spirit in you awaiting for spring

  8. I'm still stuck on all the animals playing baseball. Mainly because I prefer playing soccer myself.

  9. Ratty- Those are the seed pods of the tulip tree! Wonderful find. http://myqualityday.blogspot.com/2010/04/tulip-tree.html

  10. I have never seen those blooms. Thankfully Shark knew what the tree is!
    Your prediction is a good one.:-D)

  11. So, those are tulip pods. I couldn't figure it out until I read Sharkbytes' comment. :)
    I hope you'll have your spring right on schedule.

    BTW, I like the new design at Nature Center Magazine. It's neat and fresh with the green tone.

  12. @Betchai
    Spring is coming fast now, so I'm extremely happy. The passing time also marks my accident recovery. Thanks.

    Soccer is fun, but your cousins the Tigers look pretty good this year.

    Thank you very much!!! I knew you would come through. I was just telling someone that you know more about trees than anyone else I know.

    Sharky is always the one to go to about these things. I was a bit evil with my prediction of spring, and it was fun. But it seems the weather is cooperating nicely with my prediction too.

    @Con Artist Trickster
    I didn't have a clue about what they were until she came along. I'm glad we have an answer now.

    We're always trying new things over at Nature Center Magazine. The design is set now for the first time ever, and hopefully we can continue to improve things.

  13. Haha- I'm a babe in the woods compared to my friend treeweenie Irene. But I try.

  14. The flowers are so pretty to see at this time of the year. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see them..

  15. @Sharkbytes
    You still know a lot more than I do, and I'm glad you knew this one.

    @Icy BC
    You'll see them as white specks high in the trees. My camera saw them much better than I did. I hope you find some.