Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walk With Me

Take a step outside and breath the air. We're on our way. Today I'm going to show you a little bit of what my typical walk through a nature park looks like. I don't stay for a long time on a typical day. Just a walk through to freshen my day.

The picture above is the first thing I see at the park when I get out of my truck. I always take at least one picture here as a place marker for my records. And sometimes that place mark picture turns out great. You never know what might greet you on a journey, even at the beginning.

This little hike is usually a quiet one. Nature is mostly a quiet activity. The quiet and peacefulness is what brings contentment and relaxation to you while your here. Noise and commotion can break that feeling, but we will keep this gentle and relaxed.

After going around a corner we see the beginning of the forest. This is a section full of young trees that are very close together. It's hard to see very far through this thick forest. That helps give the warm comforting feeling of being alone in this kind of place.

Some people might be afraid to have this feeling of isolation and darkness. But to me it's like snuggling up under the blankets on a chilly night. You know the cold city is beyond the blankets that are these trees, but you are nice and warm and protected inside this place.

As we come farther into the forest, and what's left of the noise of the city is closed off behind us, we begin to hear the stirrings of our friends who live here. Soon enough we see some of them come out to see who their new visitor is.

All squirrels are very curious little creatures That curiosity is a sign of intelligence. They know they are small so they don't stick around for very long. They just want to know what's going on, and to see the new creature that has come to the forest. They always run away, but still get at least a second look before leaving for good.

After making our way through the forest, and seeing many many more sights than I can show you in one post, we find ourselves back out in the open.This field is always full of flowers in warmer months of the year. Birds love this place more than almost any other in the park. And this is where a small herd of deer live.

After crossing the meadow we find ourselves at the very back of the park.

This is where our journey back is at an end. We are now on a path that crosses to the side and takes us to the other side of the park. This is the most hilly part of the park. As we walk down this path a wind whips whips towards us between the hills.

This is a beautiful section of the park, but you have to see it from a particular angle to make it so. Just to the left of this picture and through the trees is a neighborhood of houses. The thick trees makes it easy to ignore, but you still know they are there.

Soon enough we get through the path, with the hint of civilization behind us once again. The path opens up into the wonderful scene of this small lake. Here is where we can find wildlife all around. While it can't be seen from this picture, there is a big bird sitting on a branch that is poking out of the water near those big trees towards the left of the picture.

After a long relaxed look at this lake we begin our journey back to the front of the park. The animals of the forest, now used to our presence, begin to come out to be seen a little bit more. They seem to understand why we came here now, and they sense that we mean no harm.

And when we make our way back to the front of the park we are full of a feeling of utter peace and contentment. We can go back home feeling relaxed and refreshed. That is what an everyday adventure is all about.

Nature Center Magazine - We have an all new feature for you today. We're going to show you some fun nature projects anyone can do. For the first one we'll show you how to make rain in a jar.


  1. Thanks for taking us along today Ratty. I stopped by early today since I had some extra time, I can go off to work this morning feeling relaxed and refreshed. I may stop by again when I get home for a second dose :)

  2. Beautiful, relaxing post! Thank you!

    The lake in your photo is gorgeous! My husband wants to create a small lake on our property, out in the woods, but I can just picture a swamp, and have been hesitant. There are a few streams/rivers that he plans on feeding into his lake. But, alas, this is a project for another year.

    I always have that safe, comfy feeling when I leave the city and get close to my property. Isn't that just the best feeling ever! This is why I moved to the country and got a farm, I wanted this feeling all the time!

    Love the black squirrel!! He's a cutie!


  3. Thanks for the tour Ratty. I felt as if I were tagging along as you showed us the best fascets of our journey. It is nice to know that there are people like you that find beauty and adventures in suburban/urban areas, and it is even nicer to know that these areas have wonderful examples of nature.

  4. There is a park similar to that where I live. Try to get there early before the heat of the day LOL

  5. I feel those same feelings whenever we go out in the woods, Ratty..what is neat is that you NEVER know what you might it animals or birds or flowers or mushrooms, it is still like finding treasure out there, isn't it?

  6. I have a very relaxing hike with you. I love to expect some surprises from the small critters.

    It is nice to see the meadow and the lake.

    I love this day.

  7. The walk was very enjoyable!

  8. Laid back and a nice post.Enjoyed the adventure.

  9. Thanks for the quiet walk. I think it will be the only relaxing part of my day!

  10. beautiful walk, nature is always rejuvenating and healing, the silence washes away our stress and inspires our spirits.

  11. How lucky are you to have such beautiful countryside to explore, you make us all jealous with your posts Ratty.

  12. That is great fun walking along with you Ratty. That is a gorgeous place to walk, no wonder you like it so much. Very nice.
    Have a great day.

  13. This is such a beautiful post! What a lovely walk to go on. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  14. Thanks for the trip through the nature park, Ratty! Being an indoor-only cat, I don't get out much and it's really nice when you take us on an extended stroll.

  15. Ratty, thank you, as always, for sharing your lovely peaceful part of the world with me. I always feel more so much more relaxed after time here. That is one reason I appreciate living where I do. San Francisco is only fifteen minutes from my house but the Pacific is only three miles away and I get the same feeling of peace and relaxation from walking along the beach and seeing the waves lap the shore.

  16. Even seeing these snaps are enough to bring peace of mind. The place looks to be teeming with tranquility. Thoroughly enjoyed the lil tour Ratty. Thanks a lot!

  17. Wow great title. It did convinced me to walk with you in this blog. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this article together.