Thursday, August 12, 2010

Squirrel On A Pole

So now you know. It was the dead tree all along. Not only did this make what I hope was a fun little game, but it also has a story to go along with it that's at least slightly amusing. The squirrel you see in this picture is very high up on that tree. Squirrels go up trees all the time, but this time it's a little bit different.

I have now brought you three previous posts from the same place and time as this supposedly innocent little squirrel. Yesterday was the game of the Hidden Squirrel. That's him. About ten days ago was the story of the Happy Hungry Squirrel that was one of many that were being fed by passers by. Over at Nature Center Magazine I put up a video of squirrels having a knock down drag out fight from the same day!

Before I actually tell you why this squirrel is up there on this dead tree, let's see the results of the game, and who won.

As you can see, this is a copy of the same picture from yesterday's game. This time I have circled the area where the squirrel is hiding so you know where it is. This picture isn't of the same good quality as the one from yesterday, so if you want to get another close look at the squirrel in the picture, you can see it there. It is quite visible. I checked.

You may have your doubts about how easy the game was this time, but to remove those doubts I want to announce that we have one winner of the game. Yup, one person was able to at least make an excellent guess. And who is that person? Drum roll please!

From her comment it sounded like she only guessed, but what a great guess it was! So right after you're finished here, go take a look at her blog and leave her lots of nice comments. Maybe you might even want to join her followers list. I was one of the first on that list.

On to the story. I'll try to keep it short.

Okay, when I walked over to this area of the mass feeding of the many squirrels, there were food frenzied squirrels running around all over. They were happy. They were fighting. They were running away! One such squirrel was this little guy who was doing all three.

This angry little varmint grabbed as many seeds as it could and ran for its life! It ran right up this tree to safety. But that wasn't the end for this little beastie. No! He perched up on top of this giant tree stump and growled and chirped at any other creature that dared to walk by.

And when he finished the seeds that he had taken with him to his lair up in the sky, he ran right back down the side of this tree and fought his way to more of that beautiful bounty of seeds. This is obviously one smart little squirrel. He was soon back up on his perch, growling and screeching at all comers. And that's exactly why he is up there.

Now considering the game from yesterday a little more, and to be fair to the rest of you who chose to make a guess, there were dozens of squirrels running around all over the place. So there may be squirrels hidden all over that picture. I checked your guesses and didn't find anything more than ol' Rocky, there on the tree, but there may be many more little sneakers in that picture.

So that's everything. A squirrel. A link to a cool blog. A story. And a lot of nonsense to go along with it. See you on the other side.

And now here's something we hope you'll really like!

Nature Center Magazine - Copas isn't a moose, but he likes horses a lot. Is that close enough? Come on over and see what he's discovered in the state of Louisiana!


  1. No, i wouldn't have guessed it right even if I spent the whole day looking at the picture. Congratulations to bemused26 for having such "eagle eyes"...

  2. I think it was pretty obvious from my answer that I had no clue where he was. Bemused was very observant to spot him.

  3. Ratty I missed the competition(just as well since I couldn't see it) but what great shots at the top of the dead tree. i think I like the top one best.

  4. Oh, Ratty. You gotta have photos where we can actually SEE the darn squirrel. Even with the close-up feature, my failing eyes couldn't see that thing. Or maybe you can have a Readers Digest version of the photo--you know, where it is really EXTRA large for us old folks who can't see anymore. (I'm only 46 and I can't see that thing!)

  5. Congrats to Bemused! You make things so easy they are hard.:)

  6. It was fun waiting also, congrats Bemused!

  7. I thought I do not know the squirrel, but I have this squirrel within myself.

    I act like him, sometimes.

  8. Congrats to the winner of the guessing game! I'm also terrible at this..

    Awesome photos of the squirrel, Ratty!

  9. He's very funny. He doesn't look like a wild squirrel at all, but a tame dog who is saying "play with me!"

  10. I wasn't even thinking to look for a red squirrel. I didn't even see him..LOL You almost fooled everyone this time Ratty!

  11. Hey... It was only a partial guess! I could see something up there definitely! I can't believe I was the only winner- yay for me :)

    He sounds like a grumpy little squirrel, but still incredibly cute!

    Thanks for sending me some visitors Ratty!

  12. Well darn I missed that contest but I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway. Congrats to Bemused 26. We sure will go visit that blog. Have a great day.

  13. oh, an di thought i knew where he was :) LOL congrats to Bemused 26.

  14. I looked and looked and gave up, he is so cute. What a great shot

  15. Oh my goodness Ratty, that one of the few places I didn't imagine I saw a squirrel. Even though I never get one right I still love your games, keep 'em coming.

    PS, On the peafowl chicks. You might be one of the only ones who remembers seeing some of them in a post I did at this time last year.

  16. I would have never gotten this. I'm assuming bemused26 is only 26-years-old which makes him/her almost 40 years younger than me. Maybe it takes younger eyes to play your games!!!