Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Ultimate Choice

Every one of us chooses the world we live in. If you think little of yourself, then you will think little of the world around you. Do you think of man as an evil being that is here to destroy all that is around him? Then you must first think of yourself as the same. We each have a choice we must make.

It would be a very bleak and dark place if we thought there was no hope for humanity, if we thought of ourselves as inherently evil. The one great thing about humans is that we have the power of choice. We can choose what we think of ourselves. Are we really here to destroy all that is around us? Are you?

Or are we here to do the best good we can? I know I am. None of us are perfect creations, but that is what makes us special. Each one of us is different. There can be no perfection; only goals of improvement to achieve. We all want to be better, but does that mean we are not good now? No. But what does it mean?

It means that it is our choice. We can be whatever we want to be. We don't have to make ourselves out to be monsters. We can be glorious beings that have the power to transform all that is around us into something great. How we do that depends on each one of us individually.

There is no one way to make things better. The ways are unlimited. That's what is even more special. As long as we do what we think is best, and try our best, the world around each of us becomes our own individual paradise. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, but that is why we keep on trying. Without the need to improve, we would all whither and die. Living is our ultimate goal, so we continue.

Living to the best of our ability can bring us to a fairy jungle garden. We can imagine that the most fantastic creatures live there. These creatures are our friends as long as we treat them with the same respect that we expect for ourselves. Some of them are other humans, and some of them are different creatures of all kinds.

But remember that there is also danger there. To treat others with respect, we must first respect ourselves most of all. It is the only way we will understand how to treat all of the others. We must think of ourselves as the greatest creations that have ever existed, and then strive to be happy. That will then project automatically out to all others around us.

That's when everything will seem like fields of grass and flowers to us. The world is what we make it. It can be good. It can be bad. We have the choice to decide. That choice will never go away. It can be a burden to some, but a privilege to others. It can set us free. We are all destined for freedom. We only have to make the right choice.

And that's my completely different post for today. The message was always there. I just brought it to the front this time. How did you like it?

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  1. It is a totally different post by you.

    But still shows the ratty smell.


  2. The power of our decisions and perceptions is immense. A very good post today my friend. Like your first two shots, I've featured two presentations of the same image on my blog. How do you choose to view your world?

  3. I love this part: "The world is what we make it. It can be good. It can be bad. We have the choice to decide." That is so very true - thanks for reminding me of this!

  4. You did an excellent job with your post today. A very good message indeed.

  5. I've known that was your message all along. But being a cat, I'm more perceptive than the majority of humans.

  6. You are full of deep thoughts today,Ratty. But they are good thoughts!

  7. I LOVE this post and totally agree with you! This is a planet of free choice. What goes on between one's ears will manifest in your life one way or another. Well...this is just my belief.:)

    Had a great teacher tell me once: "There is perfection in imperfection".

    I may not be a cat...but I sensed this was your message as well.:-D)

  8. Agree with you that we have to make the right decision. This world will be a better place to live.

  9. This very much reflects my own feelings, Ratty. In fact, back in 1997, on a southeast Asia cruise, I was so annoyed with many American passengers who were so insensitive and disrespectful to the people they encountered on that trip, complaining about the lack of comforts such as air conditioning in some of the restaurants, etc. I wrote a poem called "Travel Thoughts" at that time ( it's in my poetry book ).

    Travel Thoughts

    As we travel about our shrinking globe,
    Let us take the time to see,
    This earth's most precious resource -
    People like you and me.

    Though we speak myriad languages,
    And may dress in a different style -
    A common bond unites us all,
    The ability to share a smile.

    As we pack for each new adventure,
    Let's leave bias and prejudice behind,
    Treating others as we'd like to be treated,
    Remembering to respect all mankind.

    We must pause to see the beauty,
    In even the smallest things -
    In the smiling eyes of a native child,
    In the bright hue of butterfly wings.

    Let us take good will as we journey,
    No matter how near or how far,
    And rejoice in the cultural differences,
    That make each of us who we are.

    Try to be less hasty to criticize,
    As hither and yon we roam,
    For if we're always finding fault,
    What's the point of leaving home?

    To be able to travel is truly a gift,
    So be grateful as each journey ends,
    For all we have seen and learned on the way,
    For the joy of new found friends.

    May we share our planet's beauty,
    With the utmost respect and care
    Leaving nature and all whom we meet,
    Better for our having been there.

    Carmen Henesy

    Copyright (c) 1997 by Carmen Henesy
    All rights reserved.

  10. Ratty, I think it's a fabulous post and what you say has so much truth. Thank you for the message that has hope when I've seen such gloom and doom in the media lately. I needed that. :-) Have a beautiful day!

  11. I like your post. Often we say," I wish I had or I probably should have tried." , but that doesn't complete the idea.Making this a better world does start at your end.

  12. Ratty, what you have expressed is so profound yet so simple if we all just realize our world is what we make of it. I really enjoyed this post and the photos in which you chose to display this meaningful message.